New member dialogue with hubrecht

Hi folks… I just finished recording a new member dialogue with Hubrecht in the Netherlands (we have been trying to schedule this one since last October and we FINALLY got it done!) This was an intriguing discussion (for me anyway) because Hubrecht is a psychologist-therapist and has some interesting observations about what’s been going on lately.


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I’ll try again later tonight and see if it has been corrected. Thanks Dr. Farrell, sounds like a good one.

Same, enter the email you signed up with and we’ll send you a login code. New to StreamYard?

It should be fixed now folks… I’m sorry I don’t do these dialogues often enough to remember all the stuff I have to do to post them properly… apologies for those of you who were waiting, but it should be fixed now.


Beware there is no audio mp3 file to download like the original dialogues with Daniel. It is easier to just listen while doing something else than to spend two plus hours in front of the computer screen.
Not to mention that this video file is 2,962.5 megabytes in size. That’s 2.9 almost 3 Gigabytes! (for a 2 hour video). An mp3 file of acceptable audio quality would be a tiny fraction of that size thereby saving bandwidth for the website.

I found the dialogue fascinating (and I love the member dialogue format). What an interesting, varied, smart group of people make up the Giza Community!


Agreed. I watched the first couple of minutes of the video and it did seem interesting. I just don’t want to sit in front of the screen. That’s just my choice. Nothing wrong with wanting to sit in front of the screen. The original dialogues had a link for the mp3 file. I actually download the vidchats from time to time and render them to smaller mp3 files I listen to on my iPhone. But that’s just my preference. I haven’t figured a way to do that with the “Steamyard” platform.


That was a very interesting conversation. Thank you Dr Farrell and Hubrecht. I don’t have any real knowledge of the counselling or psychiatric professions, so it was enlightening to hear Hubrecht’s side of the story, especially in the context of the last couple of years’ experience. I can see how Hubrecht’s interest in the “confessor” aspect of the clerical life developed, he’s practically one already.

I was surprised to hear a medical professional (I suppose I can presume a counselor to be a medical professional, correct me if I am wrong) state the warnings and advisories about the state of the profession in general so plainly: forgive me for using a grand abstraction for a minute. I know I arrived at a similar position regarding doctors visits, you couldn’t tempt me with 2 whole jellybeans to go to a psychiatrist and they must be joking if they want me to submit to a personality test, and my reasons for determining these things is very much similar to Hubrecht’s, although we have never spoken, I don’t speak Dutch and am not in any way of the same background as his good self. There must be something to the culture of the like people here that keeps us together :slight_smile:

It’s a very interesting analysis that the superlative feature of the Gizar populace is proposed to be compassionate. I would have put money on “anti-social” or whatever the nice name for objectionable persons is called. I can see it, and that is interesting being as the curmudgeonly atmosphere of the forum can be considered resulting from a fixity or security of position, but able, if not willing, to be convinced of other or better wisdom. This makes me like the atmosphere in our conversations more. Thanks for highlighting that, Hubrecht.

I also agree with Hubrecht that this website is a natural launching pad for the alternative society, or analogous existence or whatever it is we need to be called. Moving into an active phase of acceptance of the wider position is probably in order, certainly in order, really. One of the dangers of a “hot air” position is that nothing is ever really achieved, and, frankly, I am of the view that my observations of the society of normies is correct, I am never going back to that, they can keep the tv for themselves, and I want to do something about it that practically works towards a solution for the problems that leaves us with. Or at least, I would like the facility of being able to do something about it should something become necessary, like getting a prescription, a plumber or a bit of advice. I will offer my paltry services to the forum too, after Hubrecht shows his vision of how to achieve this goal, I don’t want to steal his well earned thunder.

Well done Hubrecht, I admire your steel.


Thank you dogsbreth, for those kind words. I just made a post for my marketplace idea:


i was longing for years that a psychologist would be this honest in his scientific view! quarreled with them for decades over these points. and now Hubrecht just puts it plainly. great!

greetings! blessings! thanx!

p.s.: i am not highly sensitive, but extremely sensitive. my bad. had to build up the shields. :wink:


@bluefalken I understand about listening when you’re not in front of the screen. I spend most of my time at home, so I can stream a video and listen while doing something else if I want to. I’ve experimented with a couple of browser extensions I use, and I can’t see a way of getting the video without first downloading a 3 GB file. I think StreamYard gives the creator of the video an option to create an audio-only file within x days after the original recording, but that might be more time/work/headache than it’s worth.