New Update 1/7: JPF health updates from DeHart


Sphinx, our wonderful Doc is a chain-smoker. Probably has nothing to do with being unvaxxed and just talked to a man FULLY vaxxed (2 Pfizer) and the booster and got diagnosed with that moronic virus today.

If JPF can get past post-op infection (bacterial) he’ll likely be okay AND, provided he quits smoking, which is very difficult.

How about we give Dr. Farrell the privacy and prayers he requested while keeping our personal favorite diagnoses and cures to ourselves? I am certain he is very well aware of the options he has going forward and will choose the best path forward for himself, regardless of what we may choose for ourselves in similar circumstances


What? Like it’s a secret he’s a chain smoker?
Nobody’s revealing any secret info. here; it’s all in the posts above.

That’s not what I mean. Of course his smoking is not a secret, but it is his choice and not ours to make judgements about, especially when the man is lying in a hospital bed. I don’t think that by asking for prayers, he was asking for our opinions about how he got there or what he should do going forward.


I saw the information just like you did and have not told JPF a thing about what to do.
I stand by what I said, I pray for him daily, if you don’t like what I say, don’t read it.

Prayers for Dr. Farrell’s healing and recovery. And that he is shielded from the medical lunacy we’ve seen the last two years while receiving the care he actually needs


@Komana. A big Amen to that!

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All the best Dr Farrell, and we all hope for a full and speedy recovery. Prayers offered, good intentions and best wishes sent as well :slight_smile: And a big shout out to Scott and family for his assistance and brotherly love and care.


You shouldn’t denigrate Hilter like that. :wink:

Lots of heart centered hugs. As I posted, I had congestive heart failure along with clots in my lung and both legs, last summer with no warning! I have to say congestive heart failure is a perfect energetic message, fluid for emotions flooding the heart! I was very overwhelmed by the craziness going on these days. Anyone with any sensativity and an open heart is going to feel deeply. Just think of getting back to Shiloh. That’s the best medicine of all.


Ditto @nperpetuity. Prayers not opinions.


UNJABBED don’t have heart problems. What “facts” are you “reading”? You are considered fully vaccinated for FOURTEEN DAYS after the jab and now not vaccinated unless you fall for the booster. The jab is killing people. Dr. Farrell is NOT jabbed which is why he will be coming back to sit with a hat and make your brain explode on select Fridays.


He smokes very select tobacco which he hand rolls- NOT because he is a “chain smoker” but because his allergies and sinus condition makes it hard to breathe without the tobacco! GEES. You new people are aggravating… that is why I don’t come often now, “BRO”.


He IS a chain smoker; regardless of his “select” tobacco. Get over it…

Visible Chain or invisible chain everyone on the planet is chained here until death.


I posted two updates to this, in the body of the initial message. Thanks…


Praying Joseph Is on the road to full recovery.

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