No, Someone is Not Trying To Rip Off Doc

Hey Gizars, Doc, and Shiloh.

I received an email today from an email (which I’m sharing because if it’s actually part of the site’s maintainance, then it’s not really doxxing anyone, izzit?

That address sent me the following:


We can’t find a current payment for you for Giza Membership. Can you help us locate the date and amount of your last payment? And, if you know, whether it was via credit card directly, or credit card through paypal, etc.? Once we’ve located the subscription, we can update our records.

Thank you,

Giza Support Team


My payments are up-to-date, and I’ve in -all my years as a Gizar- have -never- received an email like this.

I want to make sure everything is on the up and up!

Thanks for any insight.

If this is legit, this needs to be presented in a more straightforward manner with more professional site markers etc.

Ok! That’s it!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Gizars, Doc, and Shiloh! ^^


Hey OccultFan! Welcome! Good to see you & thanks for posting this.

Daniel needs to see this. You might want to send a support ticket to him, or contact gizadev via message. Thanks for the heads up, this is clearly phishing.

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… no, someone is trying to rip YOU off.


I received an American Express fraudulent text message today. Someone tried to purchase stuff from Best Buy $1400 and Lowe’s $400 at their websites using my card. It’s the second time in six months my card has been compromised and replaced. I hardly use it anymore since I’ve started using cash.
Amex declined both charges and sent me a fraudulent text notice. Ummm


This is clearly phishing… from Germany (.de) no less:

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There is a disturbance in the force.

Ok, I’ve read the GizaDev message here on the forum saying that these messages are legit. So they are not from Germany after all LOL.

If I’d received a notice worded like this my delete button would be my only action.

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Happened to me recently with thieves using Walmart’s site. I don’t have a WM account.
The bulk of the purchases were for electronic games. It’s foolproof and instant gratification for the hackers, and the reward is that they get to keep the plunder. How are you going to repossess those?
Even the Police hit a brick wall with the cable utilities, who were “unable to produce evidence of such electronic activity”. CAF is right about them.
It’s getting harder and harder to use cash with local choices dwindling and the herding into on-line transactions.

This is the agency that usually deals with crimes like that you can try filing a report with them maybe they can help:

When in doubt, leave it out. ;->