Platform workin alternatives for news and views and vidchats

Ok folks Daniel and I are working on some other platform alternatives… as a result there may or may not be a news and views and vidchat today and tomorrow, but I WILL have tomorrow’s vidchat and questions as a makeup vidchat once we get things sorted out… Please keep checking here onthe forum for updates on the schedule. As of now it looks like there will NOT be a news and views this week, nor a vidchat tomorrow, but once the dust settles, I WILL hold tomorrow’s vidchat at some point.


PS one change this might mean is that news and views will be a purely audio recording, but Daniel thinks this might actually open up some more possibilities and I tend to agree with him…


check out Whitney Webbs channel on Rofkin…
Its a pretty great solution i feel; you can post free videos on your channel together with premium content on the same page.
What is positive about this is if you choose to go premium,you get ALL the channels.
So you get 100s of channels for the same price.
9$ month.
check out Whitney Webb’s great channel for lay out

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There is a new czechoslovak platform, which originated as a reaction to the current censorship.
The local personalities I respect are tied to the project. Unfortunately, due to my technical dumbness, I am not capable to bring you any sofisticated description of what it can do. I can contact some of the authors, or you can try to use the contact formula, if you like:

Gizadev, This looks like exactly what you want, plus, it has multi upload to multiple platforms, 30 or more, when you use their platform to record and encode, you get a downloaded mp4, just like YT.

The upper tier has analytics.