RESOLVED: Maintenance Imminent

Update on the forum is complete. This was a major security update - part of our tireless efforts to ensure robust security. It went smoothly with no hiccups, and it looks like we didn’t have noticeable downtime. Best possible result and a testament to how well built the engine is under the hood. Very pleased. Cheers.

We’re looking at an update to the forum that may take some time (e.g. 20min). However, we don’t know exactly WHEN this will occur. This is a preliminary notice since, once the update starts running, we likely won’t be able to issue a notice. Given that this is our first major update, it’s a learning experience. Once we’ve done it, we’ll have a better idea of what to expect in future updates. So if the forum comes down this evening for a few minutes, this is unfortunately the most notice we can really give. Cheers!