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Hi folks: Daniel and I talked today about a lot of issues affecting the site, and we’d like to thank everyone who have given us feedback on the merchandising. We appreciate it! In a couple of months we suspect we’ll be able to have a clear picture of how it is shaping up but thus…


Moving a portion of the vidchat to the chatroom seems a reasonable compromise. Might it be possible to answer some of the submitted questions in the chatroom – provided the questions were actually brief, and provided some ground rules were established so none of the members typed in the chatroom while a question was being answered? Or would answering in the chatroom make for way too much typing?

I never saw the member vidchat of Februari 24 published until the chat took place. I understand that also cuts into questions, but as an oversees member I am not going to set my alarm clock two hours before deadline.

I know your email and easily could have sent my questions if I had any. However, not all members know of that posability. I don’t know if you adressed this in the vidchat itself because I haven’t listened to it yet.