Vimeo seems weak

It would be better to get away from Vimeo, lousy sound, and the player function is pretty weak in practice. Might try Rumble. Have seen many rumble live sessions and the tech seems solid. Rumble also syndicates to YT, Vim, and FB. Not just for cat videos.

Might also be helpful to look into some platforms (e.g., Rumble, Brighteon, Libriti) that Vaccine Choice Canada uses (they, too, were kicked off the Youtube):

Rhe sound is garbled and one needs to really make an effort to hear… Daniel please change the platform!


Welcome to the forum, @mrr !

Daniel can be contacted by opening a help ticket or @gizadev .

The audio seemed fine to me on the last call, there have been issues in the past which they said was because of going over the bandwidth limit for Vimeo, so they asked everyone to set the video to low-res to bring this down and they are also doing shorter calls to reduce the amount of bandwidth draw.

Not sure what version of Vimeo they are using, even the lowest cost $9 a month version listed here: has a 2 terabyte monthly bandwidth limit, which I would think would be more than enough to cover these calls. Could be they are either using the free version that has a limit less than that, or if they are going over 2tb a month that would require an enterprise level account to get any more than that which could be a lot more expensive depending on what kind of a deal they could negotiate with the Vimeo sales team.

The $25 and $65 a month versions have the same 2tb limit as the $9 one so those wouldn’t make any difference.