Why Discourse forum platform?

how we are all as society splashed by fakebook style communication we are all fooled to become fools, simply it became norm such edgy electrified or zealot vibe, almost as if intentionally someone has thrown us in such mode, altho I think if we make effort to bring eTOS as reality many things could and will get better …

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Facebook stinks left there years ago I’m never going back.


tho it has own good purpose as crucial etool for hood hanging when clueless what should do, logically if there was in right manner implemented eTOS think e’things will get joyful [1] stil if again psyop is exploited massively by the system even mids eTOS could be skewed enmasse our reality, altho far more difficult for executing and way more easier to be recognized!

but maybe they are paid to be here. and money is a factor. on one side is the guy who stole the money, on the other side is the house he bought from it. it fits all the fairy-trolls of ours from ebmason to brandolino. money and house, bought and paid. tails and heads all the way. once they complain about the house, after that the bills. american dream that u may never fill.

What is eTos? Are you a web developer or trying to sell something?

if somehow my suggestion sounds like complaint this wasnt my intention, simply I have issue with better viability of eForums as most important debate e’tool at our hand [1][1][1]

altho moderation is one extra important issue but one that takes precious time and devoted will, why is good in case of thematic e’forums the same to be part of particular ngo where there will be prime eforum for public debate among the insightful and experts ~ while parallel mirror to it for regular members [2] who would wait a bit and pass the meritocratic filter so would join those that are devoted researchers … like this the moderation will be unburdened from spammers and emotional trolling that now is regular issue on the public eforums! some public eforums are circumventing this need for devoted moderation by paying mods through funds from banner adds but like that there is huge defocusing from the topics in various ways simply one cant contemplate and focus deeper on the debate …

still if Rhetorics dont become separate subject in elementary schools or one of the prime home schooling tasks, we will slowly advance to useful eTOS, maybe aristotelian crash course will speed up things, especially when the golden mean needs to be understood in right manner [3]

What is your first language?

You are correct WuWu.


It takes a fairy-troll to know one.

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i am an ogre, not a troll. upgraded version. :wink:

“Are we there now?”

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Oh good, I do prefer ogres to trolls and I can’t handle the fæ at all they have caused a lot of problems for me.

What is your first language?

macedonian, tho I am throwing own flow, anyway this few posts chitchat are all useless derailing of the thread topic, what eventually could be avoided by chat’box for every thread, simply even on regular paged forums this is eyesore for productive debate what about in this like discourse with endless scrolling where neat moderation is absent …

… dont take me as some moral stick, but purifying is needed always even for laws what about theories even more for ideas i.e. every debate asks for compact flow what is doable either by strict rule respect or smart moderation, simply not all digressing is for bin, tho if spamming is left to roll for sure sooner or later whole forum will end up as chitchat bin, leveled to soc.network banalization of any effort for constructive debate, yes there are forces which see this important so would discourage debate and control the mainstream narrative, after all psyop and agitprop are one of the most important tools of the military which in times like these when we are witnessing transhumanism and technocracy in birth on west …

… yeah all potentially freethinking flow should be derailed skewed ridiculed name it whatever propaganda technique used so would be suspended democratic wakefulness and loudness about transparency and demystification of all wrong agendas now pushed by the plutocratic stooges of the true western rulers the neopagan euroatlantic determinists, “they” would like yeah sterile lobotomization coz even then are afraid whether “their” social’darwinian’experiment will be obeyed, risks from spiritual nature per’se even we are all borgged down …

They have chat boxes for the vid-chats every couple weeks you can join those.

To run those 24-7 I have heard takes a lot of server bandwidth which can be really expensive don’t know if they have capacity to be able to do that but if you’d like to make a donation to giza that could help.

This seems to be posted in the correct category for its content. I’m thinking that these technical ‘improvements’ might best be served by forwarding specifically to Daniel as originally suggested by someone here.

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Welcome, pelagon!

You write English much better than I could write Macedonian, but you don’t write it well enough for me to understand much of what you type.

If you want to offer technical improvements to the forum, it seems to be written in the Ember variety of Javascript, which is unfortunately a mystery to me. (Oh for the good old days of Perl!)

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Welcome @pelagon !
I am also, or was new to this forum.
From my short experience here if you allow I have a recommendation for you for the things here, that are and those that are not , expressed through a proverb from my country:

“Види го прво дрвото, та после седни под него”.

I hope you will understand and stay here! :slightly_smiling_face: :smirk:


it is a good advice, if i may say.

just be ready to catch the fruits before they hit your head!

and thats a good advice as well, although i never heard it before…



thats great!
i always felt i’ve never been understood before. but now i am the tree!

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That was a great show The Mandalorian, baby yoda is so cool.

I don’t know about this name “Grogu” they gave him, that seemed off.

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