Are Microwave Transmission Facilities Being Used To Trigger Earthquakes?

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I think the likely mechanism includes the triggering of seismic cascades with the EMP of a tactical nuclear warhead, and the HAARP facilities is deployed post-detonation to draw out the after shocks.

What is mindboggling is how to explain that in geopoltics indeed could be found pure’evil’people (as I am assuming some faction among euroatlantic determinists) that can execute such monstrous things, as is seen now through the possibility for such skim with the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria [1][1] for what eg. already there was even such example that all have heard about in '90s known as aum’shinrikyo’cult [2][2][2] on which theory (coz still not officially revealed as true) many would ask how so such “fringe” group can have elf/vlf base and not to be noticed, on what there is another probable explanation i.e. that that tech dont need to be extra robust but it could be small exploration radars for geological oil and gas surveys [3][3] on what probably many will say that is impossible, is it!?

If we have in mind that there is indeed correlation eg. to fracking and earthquakes [4][4]-[5]-[5][5] and we dont know whether the seismic activity is due to the exploration radars or the fracking lines, then we can speculate that such tech it could be misused directly or indirectly, even we can speculate further whether “someone” intentionally left the fracking trend not fully secured so when needed would be misused by sabotage or remote stimulation of exploration equipment i.e. the regular elf radars for shalegas or oil detection to be additionally radiated from side so would reach particular resonance that will be emitted without knowledge of the operators!?, but again I can just speculate whether such possibility exist!, and knowing how in this World there are many death’cults with own agendas such risks cant be excluded till not proven that that tech is utmost safe in all circumstances!, still if we accept probability like this the question why then noone will alarm for extra caution on eventual such risks I’ll say if those are real now when the usA but also others depend from fracking exploitation and normally exploration eventual revelation of such risks from misuse of those elf’exploration’radars are threat for the booming shalegas sector!, and if not to stall the exploitation to threaten the energy independence eg. now of usA which depends exactly on shalegas [6]

While in context of the last earthquakes in Hatay there is potentially such possible variable that can be factor [7]-[7][7]-[7][7] which someone could had have misused it so would make monstrous attack and blackmail i.e. to remove Erdogan that now stands on “their” path to secure escalation till nuclear ww3!, and in same time to be evaded use of haarp alike tech!?, or maybe in question is combination of tech that could trigger such catastrophe, and if places like Oklahoma that werent active seismic areas became unstable then how much more could be destabilized active seismic area!?