Are now all Flu Vaccines with nanoparticles too? (maybe pills are also in row!?)

probably hydrogel coated drugs were secretly norm even mids the previous h1n1 pandemic, back then covered just by exposing of the mercury trend for conserving the jab content [1][1] upgraded by another one when hesitancy grown for tamiflu [1][1] and looks possible if not else as experimental multilevel approach for different class of citizens!

now whats my assumption that maybe even then also it could be experimented with lnp’s in the flu jabs … supposedly for oseltamivir “tamiflu” as coated with silver (AgNPs) publicly was not proposed idea until 2016 [2][2][2] cant find just whether with tamiflu also was word for “hidden parts of the patent” anyway if wasnt then now most probably graphene oxide if not silver is part of the regular flu jabs (here I just guess dont have evidence but maybe this thread will be thought provoking for biotech demystificators) yet there is logic that even then was present this biotech coz hydrogels as nanoparticle coating for drugs i.e. as membrane for “nanoparticle drug delivery systems” are researched since '90s thus till the h1n1 pandemic two decades later enough time for the military labs to standardize such drug [2][2][2] the question is was even then present agenda as the current probable one with the graphen oxide lnp’s i.e. the current hydrogels around the SpikeP in the m’rna jabs are from graphene oxide [3][3] altho it could be manufactured from other metals or inorganic compounds too [4] which most probably are intended for panopticon needs [4][4][4][4] and if we know that Agenda21 was then fresh thing one from current perspective can assume indeed this was even then case but the propaganda machine wasnt secured enough so the vaxing hype quickly faint, something that was corrected in the next sars’cov’2 media hype, but again the acceptance didnt cross not even above 50 % despite all the coercion still think even the current stats are pumped so would project wide “new normal” altho I think “they” knew the risks so didnt enrolled in all batches true m’rna jabs but placebo too and thats why the need of boosters …

what is interesting is that altho the inefficiency of tamiflu was obvious as h1n1 vaccine [5][5][5] yet still is seen as possibly useful drug [5] probably this time tweaked by a.i. [6] I dont need to wonder why [6][6][6] and whether indeed is not word for need of stacked metals in our bodies so we would become even greater hackable animals (as is obvious from the 4th footnotes)

so most peculiar question is are now the regular flu shots with silver or graphene oxide stuffed? what would be disaster for all m’rna jabbed if we know that tamiflu not just that is regular flu vaccine but now also oral one too! if its comfort for the vaxed there is claim that this skim is already becoming part of pills so from all sides many are at risk [6] the question is how long is present in the commercial food or sprayed by chemtrails!?

Oseltamivir is the most commonly prescribed antiviral drug of those recommended in the United States to treat flu illness.

Antiviral susceptibility patterns changed very little in 2021-2022 compared with the previous season (2020-2021). During the 2021-2022 and 2020-2021 seasons, only a very small of viruses were found to be resistant to oseltamivir. Almost all of the flu viruses tested during 2021-2022 continued to be susceptible to the antiviral drugs recommended for treatment of flu by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). [6]

disclaimer: if the previous post is anyhow discouraging for anyone to get vaxed with regular seasonal flu shots You should be aware that holistic immunization is far from standardized thing [1] altho my take is that CBD can be more than beneficial [2][3] (normally from own plants derived ideally) Graceful life too [3][4] so be wise and if You are leaving big pharma mindset engage in full capacity healthy life, altho I know this is impossible for many coz various reasons yet alone getting Inchurched if not else will bring You foremost Salvation what by all means it should be main goal in our lives on this world if we are aware that is not the only plain of existence nor our last destination, So Always Look Upwards with Your Nous [5]