Different day and year, same ish


The Return of False Flag Global Terrorism

We saw this before and after 9/11.

We saw this after the terrorism chapter got a makeover with ISIS.

In both cases, there were terrorist attacks throughout the world from the US to New Zealand to France to Spain to Sri Lanka.

They’re trying to bring this back aka they are once again employing 4th Generation Warfare of which terrorism is a key component.

At the same time, they also deploy 5th Generation Warfare which is meant to hack us psychologically using fear, hate, etc.

It’s fascinating how terrorism vanished after they stopped obsessing about it and started obsessing about COVID/Ukraine.

Now all of a sudden the terrorism card is back in play once again just as the COVID & Ukraine obsession is diminishing.

They switch through their fearmongering campaigns like channels on TV.

Since Oct 1, 2023, Israel, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, the US, Belgium & France have witnessed attacks, at least some of which could be false flag attacks with potentially more on the way in different parts of the world.

The perfect excuse now will obviously be the Israel-Palestine conflict which suddenly emerged just as coverage of & support for the Ukraine conflict was dialing down.

However, at least some of the recent attacks were allegedly carried out by ISIS. Where was ISIS all this time? Were they hibernating?

This is just another of the many scaremongering tactics to keep us in fear, anxious, nervous, on edge and filled with hate.

There has been a large amount of pro-Palestinian protests all around the world because of the atrocities being committed by Israel in Gaza right now. Therefore, a sudden surge of “Islamic/Muslim/Arab” attackers can be a way to direct sympathy away from Palestine.

Also, I don’t know if there is anything to this but I find it strange that two Swedes (Swedan is trying to join NATO) are shot dead in Brussels (NATO HQ).

The powers that be aka the parasites are no different than the monsters we see in scary movies. They feed off fear and hate to gain power. We must not let them succeed.

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