French general Delawarde: "NATO can not win against Russia". With 15x higher budget?

Yes victimhood & passivity, along with intellectual laziness, childish fear of conflict, shortsided search for personal comfort & pleasure can be poisening. and that state of western societies will lead us downwards yet another decade I am afraid…


Please stop describing me; I am self conscious enough as it is

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Global military power rankings gives us the best analysis of “known” and nothing in unknowns but a very believable system of comparison is presented yet I can’t know anything for sure until I see where the twelve to twenty trillion in missing dollars was spent, until my parade of every military weapon the US could bring to a battle, including prototypes are a known quantity to me, an inventory of everything including daarpa including dark, or corPirate underground developers. All tunnels bases depots and replacement restocking strategies, I’m just getting started, yet NY Times authorship is based on something some one heard some one say !! Lol lol they get the business with that act?? RUFKMeeeeee?
One dumb Alien with a ship and it’s empty left abandoned on planet monkey but the UAP hearing said it’s all terrestrial and must be mitigated lol lol gooooooood luck sir!!

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Maybe because Russia might have read the Tesla papers?

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@justawhoaman Thx for the link.

And that brings me to make explicit what was implicit: why the US would not read it? Isn’t this military industrial complex looking out for any possibility? Including any weapons of mass destruction, possibilities offered by HAAARP? Stargate Project, MK Ultra etc? I’d rather suspect something deeper going on…

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Define “win” !! Then we’ll answer. Over the 8 decades of my short life of wisdom building punishment for being ignorant and brash, I’d say no one wins

Yep, it was in pieces, literally. Trying to rebuild equipment was insane; they had every kind of part from God knows where holding things together. Surprised it all didn’t just blast to kingdom come.

That’s EXACTLY What they’re doing, thank you! No ET’s needed, just slowly implode Our Country.

Thanks to USMCA, all can be done legally now.
Trump was the set-up and Biden is the take-down.

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@ebmason and @FiatLux :

US & EU are indeed in bad shape and heading for meltdown, but there is something strange about it.

Dmitry Orlov wrote a humoristic article about it:

Here another useful link:

(I haven’t watch it, but it’s probably useful to understand the situation: ).

Yet to my understanding, this Russia-China rising and US-NATO meltdown do not exactly follow the plans of the “usual suspects” of the Davos crowd, the Western Central Banksters & Co. Instead they publicly attack and try by all means to harm Russia & China.

So that would be strange if we consider eg the Davos crowd to be Mr Globaloney’s most known figures. There is something weird to call it Globaloney’s plan if it’s something else than the current movement of History. And how do we even distinguish these two?


I agree there’s something strange about the way the US/EU have been weakened, and Russia/China have been strengthened, by the US/NATO/EU’s own policies. In my opinion, there must be some kind of dysfunction, infighting, or both, within Mr. Globaloney’s Western factions.

As I’ve said before, I don’t believe Russia and China are completely on board with the Western vision of global government – in which the Western powers are ultimately in control. I think Russia and China have their own versions of global governance/government, where one of them is in control, or where each of them has a bigger seat at the table than the Western powers want to give them. This is a nuance that I think Corbett and others sometimes miss. They seem to take official Russian and Chinese government statements about being behind Davos goals at face value; I don’t necessarily take them that way.

So I think the Western powers disagree with Russia and China on how global governance should work. I also think Russia and China will disagree with each other in the long run.

What are some possible reasons for dysfunction or infighting within the Western factions of Mr. Globaloney? My speculations:

  • Unjustified self-confidence and laziness. The Western powers have had it too easy for too long, with no serious economic or military rivals since the weakening and fall of the Soviet Union. Once the Soviet Union disappeared, they became drunk on unipolar power and haven’t recovered yet. While China and Russia have been working hard to develop their countries’ industry, military, and economy, Western powers have let theirs stagnate. The West has been resting on its laurels, and that has weakened it.

  • Intellectual degradation of Globaloney’s middle- and upper-management class, including politicians. People aren’t recruited into this class on the basis of brains or talent; and those who are recruited based on academic credentials aren’t actually educated. In the U.S. these people are usually one of the following: graduates of Ivy League universities, which today are radical, woke political and social ideology mills, not institutions of higher learning; family members of politicians or wealthy businessmen, meaning they aren’t necessarily where they are due to their own talent; or just old, corrupt, self-serving individuals who have been in politics forever.

  • Lack of a unifying cultural, moral, or ethical vision. Each individual and faction that’s part of Globaloney in the West is in it purely to promote their own narrow self-interest. It’s about power, prestige, privilege, and profit – they’re not defending any real vision of the world that might truly unite them and make them strong. (Contrast that with Russia, which sees a Western takeover of the Ukraine as an existential threat to its nation and culture.)

  • Lack of unified, sane leadership. As far as I can tell, the Western portion of Mr. Globaloney is lead by a handful of powerful individuals, but these individuals – who, remember, lack a unifying vision or a moral compass – are only in it for themselves, to serve their own narrow personal or family interests. At best, they are in it to mercilessly promote their own idiosyncratic personal vision, which may not be shared by the rest of the leadership. This is how you can get a Soros arguing with a Kissinger publicly. Most of these leaders also have severe mental and moral defects, such as delusions of grandeur or intellectual prowess, belief in their genetic superiority over the rest of mankind, and so on.

I didn’t intend my response to turn into a dissertation… Maybe I should have saved it for a vidchat!


Couldn’t view all of the 1st video and skip Corbett (for me).

I don’t think it’s quite as simple as Russia/China v. US/EU scenario. I think there’s a threesome here; US, China & Russia. When you have an odd number going for control, 2 of them are going to eventually gang up on the 3rd. Once they destroy #3, they fight each other for control. Question: Which 2 have the most in common culturally? Who would be the “odd man (country) out”? IMO, I think China is done, not completely at the moment, but I think their philosophy & politics will go through the biggest changes of any of the 3 countries. See the Shanghai/China thread. Much worse for Chinese pop than US or Russia, thus far.

I still think it’s distraction away from the real goal, much more powerful people than politicians.

PS - I also think what’s going on in China might be a template that will be tried on all other countries.

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I finally watched the Corbett report episode and found it quite interesting. Basically, it follows the line of Antony Sutton, connecting dots between Mao, Yale, Skull & Bones, Rockerfeller, Kissinger & other banksters.

There might be a world Chess-Go-Poker between 3 or more blocks going on (3 empires it is in “1984”, but we can also see other players like India, Japan or a disinct German 4th-Reich-EU etc). I’m afraid, on that level of power games, cultural issues are often neglected: just look at the 20 th century, or other coalitions in older history.

But for me, the question is how to watch at it : If there is a non-EU-US-coalition, is it just skipping the LGBTIA2+ multi-culti agenda and heading strait to some transhumanist GMO mRNA Neurolink total surveillance future? Or can we see somewhere more cultural, peaceful, humanistic or spiritual evolution and forces?

And so as you suggest: is China a template, or are there some nations or players not intending to follow it?

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Russia, of course. Japan to at least a certain extent. Taiwan, probably. China is a template, but I think they have other reasons for doing what they’re doing. I do believe the solar activity is changing the grow zones & China can’t possibly feed all their people & Xi will not live forever, no matter how much he’s trying. The US & EU have watched this & going in for the power grab using similar methods. As one poster put it, there was the Rape of Russia & now, it’s the Rape of The US. Once US goes down, it’s anyone’s playground.

Even sadder is the number of people who know this & can’t be bothered to pick up the phone & tell their representatives “NO”.

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China sure is on to some troubled waters. They depend on import for food supply including rice and soya, and climatological changes are always a possibility.

And those believing the MSM narrative & attacking alternative opinions, denying facts, buying junk food & other BS, filling the “Anitsocial networks” with garbage, living hand-to-mouth, not having any long term thinking nor making any effort to understand politics or history or anything else that demands some effort?

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All true. However, those who DO know have no excuse whatsoever.