Hazards of War…Brain Damage for Survivors

Interesting article, demons or brain damage from killing others…


There’s lots of information on blast injuries and treatments for those on the receiving end but basically nothing for those on the sending end. The damage it obviously causes would be similar to some of those on the receiving end I would think. It just needs to be identified and quantified for treatment to begin or avoided in the first place. I’m thinking along the lines of an xray where the technician steps behind a screen. I wonder what if any after effects the German crews may have suffered from when using the Schwerer Gustav.

I think the old term “shell shock” needs to be revived. The chemical concoctions these soldiers are injected with is not helping matters either. Could one be used as a cover for the other? What say you?


The sound waves penetrate the body and probably cause havoc to the cell’s microscopic parts like the mitochondria which is the “energy” provider for the various organs. Damage enough cells or cause them to not replicate correctly, especially the neurons in the brain, the result sooner or later would be what the soldiers described. The military has a vested interest in not researching to find out, who would fire the artillery if they knew what happens to them?
The military probably already knows but ain’t talking since they already use sound…


In the first few days of June 1916, the 19-year-old Dunton fought in the Battle of Mount Sorrel — a costly affair that again left the PPCLI bloodied and depleted. He was one of their few surviving officers.

Weeks later, he was walking alone toward the trench his unit occupied when he disappeared. Dunton was reported missing on Aug. 5.

“No word of our missing officer,” Adamson wrote to his wife on Aug. 11. “I am afraid he is gone.”

And then he reappeared, on Aug. 20.

“Dunton, our missing officer, has turned up in a demented condition and can give no account of himself,” Adamson wrote. “He had no hat, and was in a filthy condition, very wet and could not remember where he had been sleeping and feeding. He has been evacuated.”

Lt. Dunton had blacked out for several days. He found lucidity, at last, while standing in a field, without his revolver. Doctors diagnosed him with shell shock.

A follow-up examination in November showed that he still suffered from twitching and tremors. He was subject to crying spells; he wanted to return to action, even though doctors said that was out of the question.

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From the article :

Damage at a nano scale

The Defense Department has spent more than a billion dollars in the last decade to research traumatic brain injury, but it still knows very little about what might have happened to the artillery >crews. Nearly all of the research has focused on big explosions from roadside bombs and other enemy attacks, not the blast waves from the routine firing of weapons.

Still, as that research progressed and studies tried to define the threshold at which an explosion caused brain damage, a growing amount of data suggested that the level was much lower than expected — so low, in fact, that it wasn’t much different from what troops experienced when they pulled the cord on an artillery cannon.

In 2016, while the U.S. military was exposing gun crews in Iraq and Syria to repeated artillery blasts, a research team was doing something similar to lab mice at the University of Missouri.

In a series of tests, the team placed mice a few feet from a lump of C4 explosive that was sized to produce a blast just above the military’s official safety level.

After the blast, the mice were returned to their cages and started scampering around, apparently unaffected.

“We were very disappointed — we didn’t see anything abnormal,” said Dr. Zezong Gu, who led the research.

But the picture changed over the next few days. Mice instinctively build nests, and researchers use the quality of their nests as a benchmark of well-being. The blasted mice built only ramshackle nests, often leaving them unfinished.

In later experiments, blasted mice were put through mazes. They made more wrong turns than healthy mice, and sometimes froze, refusing to explore the mazes at all.

The team then dissected the animals’ brains. At first they found almost no damage.

“Everything looked fine until we looked at a nano scale,” Dr. Gu said.

Under an electron microscope, a ravaged neural landscape came into focus. Sheaths of myelin, vital for insulating the biological wiring of the brain, hung in tatters. In key parts of the brain that control emotion and executive function, large numbers of mitochondria — the tiny powerhouses that provide energy for each cell — were dead.

You can bet the house DARPA knows. This silliness , blanket assembly line diagnostic is hurting the medical response. Big gov is outsourcing it to the socialize medical system. When there is profit involve you can be sure they will never fix it. The failures of the universal health system 4 profit are becoming too obvious to ignore. (COVID) Greed has broken our modern world piggy bank.

A note on the brain damage ; the Nano particles used in the coof injection most likely are causing similar brain injuries in the population who took the shot. Am saying "who took’ because i believe they have yet proven the nano are shedding like the protein is.

I suggest you all investigate the work of Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future
“Nano-Clotting agent inside the brain”

I believe our body build up a tolerance or defense to outside attacks , those discarnate entities may very well be capitalizing on this Breach. I have seen too much to discard those events has “hallucination” .


to me this looks more like haunting, but as witnessing its interesting that its word for guilt provoked not from close combat but from distance (artillery units in background) i.e. the guilt falls on those who fired the rounds and cause the killing eventually suggesting even they didnt saw what exactly killed still the sinful causality reached them!

even more interesting is how Uganda made effective approach towards resolving similar postwar by combining few techniques but per’se cleansing due to Prayer …

Participants also shared their alarm over alleged widespread manifestations and encounters with ghosts masquerading in the community. Sightings included white people swimming in Burcoro Primary School football pitch, cyclists riding on roof-tops, soldiers patrolling the village, strange voices and knocks on doors at night, ghosts wrestling the living in physical confrontation, obsessive nightmare attacks, and a reported increase in the number of community members getting confused or mentally disturbed after interfacing with the ghosts.

The community’s demand for rescue motivated the Refugee Law Project to intervene and conduct a series of investigations and dialogues in 2016. We organized a comprehensive trauma healing intervention which we called a psychotherapeutic-medical camp. This involved a holistic integrated approach that included; traditional cleansing, psychiatric interventions, psychosocial counseling, medical treatment and prayers. This combination of approaches accommodated the divergent belief systems and healing needs of the affected population. After the therapeutic camp and subsequent follow-ups, the community reported experiencing a huge sense of psychological freedom and improvement. Similar experiences have also been locally reported by traditional Chiefs of Lamogi; Rwot Otinga Atuka Pa Min Yayi of Lamogi chiefdom and Rwot Raymondo of Paibona chiefdom. Both have pro-actively searched for support from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to facilitate traditional healing therapies such as ritual cleansing of the ills.

In an interview with the Police Officer in Charge of Palaro Sub-County police post, the officer compassionately narrated how a 27 year old former LRA young man had committed suicide because of being haunted by the traumatic images of the people he had been forced to torment by his former LRA commanders.

hm, I am aware that there is some presence of Priests and Temples in usaf, but not sure whether they can collaborate with the psychiatrists, logically not, but can psychiatrists advise them to see Priests?

the problem would be that Monotheism is not per’se prime choice thus its question how effective it would be any eventual combo!, at least usA as predominantly mixed multiculti society cant allow itself combo improvisation, or!?

~ Ghost - Wikipedia

and what would be interesting to learn is some reductionist observation like how many of those haunted did live clean life or had deviant lifestyle!, yeah that with the weed is a point!