How to concoct the Armageddon/Malhama?

What’s the hypothesis behind a nuclear exchange ? Que bono ?

Fear in the minds of our leaders has ushered in the surveillance state. The fact is criminalizing information and discussion is utterly ridiculous incomprehensible in the USA. Yet it’s obvious the leadership is feeling desperate. But why so insane??? The ground is prepped for a massive response to the one uncontrollable thing that can be a unraveling. A clog in the assembly line. Et landing in the open and or with purpose. Not a thing we can do about it. It’s out in the open and the public purposefully exposed to the event. Trillions of dollars, lives, spent covering up and insidiously hiding or outright subversion. But just the mere act of “exposing” themselves in a way that can never be reversed or covered up, this is what we are seeing. Not the accidental glimpse rather a full out landed or hovering scene easily witnessed recorded undeniably present and ongoing just sit there a few days. Period. I’m certain this would separate the men from the boys. And I’m here to ask you, has this not only already happened ? We’re in the aftermath now holding back the surf with a whisk broom, and as it’s happening slowly unraveling the ball of lies. As human minds awake to the fraud, perilous leaders count their days……resort to totalitarian threats, it’s obvious the American public is the single biggest security threat to our leaders and the world

How many time does Dr. JPF have to ban you?! @vardas3

Have I been banned? You see I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a email. I support Giza. I’m a pro free speech person Liberrarian. Deleting censoring doxing attacking me, is making you a hypocrite lol. Dr Fair to all wouldn’t do that. He’s for free speech especially criticism. Patriotic old American loyalists pro U.S. pro military and that’s not a person to be against right? You fight in ww2? Korea? Wounded in Nam? I choose to allow veterans to speak you choose to shut them up right?!! Your an odd piece of work, the police here don’t appreciate commoners nor their foul language. Language you find offensive I find explicit and descriptive. Any foul or odious thought you associate with my free speech is evidence of your duplicitous ignorance. The “bad” exists in your mind. Not in my way of describing the Truth. I have a drawl so that makes me stupid right? I wear overalls all day that makes me a red neck I’m foul I smoke spit drink on occasion and I’ve been known to blunt out!! You don’t want me here? You feel like you should get to decide? Who speaks and who doesn’t? Dr fairy talks a good game but the moment he blocks brandolino he loses he’s the Hypocrite. Playing god like Facebook lol or YouTube lol I watch jimmy dore use 100’s of “F” words in his monologue on YouTube lol lol I don’t type “F” words here!!! But that example explains a lot. Your an ignorant lying fraud that feels arrogant and entitled to powerfully censor and register your foul opinion that others may put forward ideas you don’t understand lol lol lol so you should shut them down. Words like arse for example, if that we’re to get me blocked here what does that say about YOU

Left up to Dr. JPF @vardas3

Sorry, I have a right to choose whether or not to read what he posts. He’s not screaming “Fire” in a crowded theatre. The audience here is smart and have the option of making up their own mind. If Dr. Farrell doesn’t want him around, it’s his website and if readers support censorship then let happen what will happen.
I at one time felt badgered on this website, but realized I was the one letting it effect me.

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Leave it to Dr., who banned him for the 3rd time last week, kindly asking him to leave after he insulted numerous people, Including Dr. on a regular basis.
I find it interesting that evidently, Dr. has no way to really ban anyone.
What you read is your own affair.

Good God, a free thinking forum. What a concept. One’s only option is to cancel their account. I tried that it didn’t work either.

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any thoughts on the topic?

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i’ll be back later, and form my thoughts

Nobody knows if this report is true or not. (Radiation leak)
Perhaps there are reasons they want others to stay away, or, are scare tactics?
All sides want to take that land & area intact, as little damage as possible.

It is plausible, which is like speculation and connecting the dots. What is more interesting is that some are looking at a NATO Art 5 violation as just another means to stop Putin/Russia. This reminds me of how one could devise an offense or defense based a rule, a law, etc.

All this reminds of the Mar Lago raid to find/plant a reason to charge DJT with treason so he can’t hold political office (since OMG he might win again and it may not be wise to steal the election right now).

Or arresting some DC protesters on treason charges using the Patriot Act in order to suspend Constitutional due process and habius corpus. Therefore frighting people into submission and silence.

It also reminds me of habitually ignoring Giza Guidelines, unless it works for me. But I digress… .

Last post by vardas this afternoon please.

No more talking from you! You must be quiet, like a little mouse!

Looks like somebody wants a nuclear exchange.
Nazi International?
They have no love for the Russians, who won WW11.

Or, you could very well say, Financial Capitalism won WW11.
But that was actually, who won WW1 & WW11.

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You don’t think Russians could be removing all fuel rods, etc. to keep out of Zelenskyy’s hands & recalibrating it for their own use? It is a distinct possibility.

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i think u missed the river to step in. it’s not about Russia’s ‘possibilities’, but the given realities we observe and contemplate upon.
its the warmongering West what the article is about, and how to brew evil.

Just because it wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean it was missed.

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they have to have the war to cover up the injected biotech-weapon. they can only run forward. on the human level.
i think Mr. Globalooney already stepped out of being human long ago, and the notsee-wintermakers are proven to be a really good tool for sure.


Our very own “The Mouse That Roared” mixed in with an Alex Jones…:sunglasses:

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