Ok folks, you can add another $300,000,000,000 to the growing pile of missing money, according to this article shared by (and with our gratitude to) E.E.: The EU can’t find most of Russia’s $300bn of frozen reserves Now this story, as you can see, dates from Feb 23 of this year, and here it is,…


I am so surprised. N O T.

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A franchise that had so much potential out of the gate to telegraph what I’m thinking could be some truth on the true nature of things…but alas it swerved into absurdity…but then again perhaps “they” didn’t want it to hit too close to home…

That said…I’ve never understood why…if there is indeed a occulted parallel breakaway civilization operating just out of sight from our surface reality… why they’d require at all the trillions that have gone missing…for if their civilizational structure is indeed breakaway then it seems logical so would the monetary system that it runs upon…

Like the gold coins (if that’s what they actually represent) of the realm used in the Wick series…


Perhaps if there really is a breakaway high table along with the lower franchise tables (Rhodes Round Tables anyone :thinking:) then maybe they manipulate the surface worlds currency not because they need it to run their world but because they want to carry on the Truman Show that they’ve constructed for us Lemurs living out our existence under their boot heel…

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“Yes. But your family does”. :man_shrugging: :smirk:

See thing is Lemuria,or Mu the civilizations that existed before the famous Atlantis. But no one, not even Edgar Cayce, and I don’t know who, such as Ingo Swann, could see so far back in time. For a simple reason. The Wall of Time. Something similar to the Wall of Fire. I’m not talking about thousands but for hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Lemuria, and Mu. Separate entities. Separated in time and space. Mu is the older civilization. With airships built from solid, impenetrable, yet lighter than air matter, substance.Тhat can stand on top of a seeded dandelion and not shatter it.

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May be there is a room for scenario 4 in this international grift of $300 bn. We’ve been hearing a lot on secret slosh money or hidden system of finance, with fake bearer bonds, real bearer bonds, revealed to us from time to time with USA, Italy, Germany, Japan and China involved. It is difficult to believe that Russia is not part of that whole scheme. May be that 300bn was their sign-up fee for that exclusive club?

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I agree…interesting how Russians tie so prominently into the Wick franchise…I’m convinced all the nation state franchises answer to a high table whether breakaway or not…scripture calls them the kings of the earth…


Oh boy. :thinking:Hunting for Red October again. Who transports “Russian technology plus tons of gold bars”. I think not.Scenario 1 is almost a hundred percent certain. War is just business. It always has been. Have any of you here on this forum heard of Putin’s Golden Billion? I don’t mean banknotes. But people. A billion people. After all this. In the same meaning as “Georgia Gide Stones”. But not half a billion people, but a billion people left alive on the planet. After all and at the end of all that is happening now and in the near future.
If you have heard or read somewhere then you should understand that it is only a difference of half a billion people in the calculations for the final outcome of the current and future wars between the West and the East. And that is all. Everything else is the same or similar,forward and backward through time.
I apologize if I cause strange, vague and unpleasant thoughts among some members of this forum, or if I break some unwritten rules that I am not aware of, or if I emotionally hurt some biases towards one of the parties, or something similar. That is not my intention at all.

Good.Very good.Stay on the way,for This is the way. :smirk:

skating on cowfarts, sliding on the waves, they do.

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Well, I’m not fully following your posts… But I will agree with you on this point… There is a climactic battle coming between the eastern and western legs of the Roman empire… the first and the third Romes are squaring off before our eyes…


Both of “they”?All of “they/them”? Or just “one part of them/they” :man_shrugging: :thinking:?If you don’t mind
am I asking you such a sensitive question? :upside_down_face:

Last Sunday gospel comes to mind as hopeful reminder
.John 17. “…I came from you, and they have believed that you sent me. I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for the ones you have given me, because they are yours, and everything of mine is yours and everything of yours is mine, and I have been glorified in them.”
If Jesus doesn’t pray for them, we are safe.

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i may not be able to identify their pronouns. so precaution.

Advice received. I’m stopping with answers and comments on this post.

P.S. Haragi or haragei,activated on my side.I have a strange feeling. That a hunting pack of wolves is approaching me. I retreat and leave. Tactically and for now.This is not new for me. It happened to me on other forums as well. :shinto_shrine:Namaste.

Where would any of us be without our blessed Lord and His precious cross work on our behalf :raised_hands: