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Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 11:28 — 15.7MB)Our last News and Views of 2022, and our focus is Governor Ron De Santis and his injection Grand Jury announcement, and what it may really mean: DeSantis Announces Florida Grand Jury Investigation to Hold Vaccine Manufacturers Accountable


I am guessing that Desantis is not accepting pharma campaign contributions.

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This is very smart on the part of DeSantis, no direct jab at Trump, but sooner or later he has to explain himself.
On the other hand, we have Bannon, firmly against DeSantis, and what’s stranger that both of them are Navy intel. To me it signifies division in that part of deep state, or that Trump and DeSantis are their candidates, so the attitude is, let the better one win.

BANNON: You can say what you want about DeSantis. He burrows down. He’s like a honey badger. My issue with DeSantis is the people behind DeSantis… Paul Singer, Ken Griffin, and these are not good guys and they don’t have good plans for the

— Election Wizard 🇺🇸 (@ElectionWiz) December 15, 2022

My problem with Bannon is…Bannon.

Perhaps he means well.


A friend of mine listened, and he put it this way,
“It’s about time & when will St. Fauci get his nuts roasted over Covid?”


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I was listening to the good Doctor reading out all of those names of professors and assorted medicos from top universities regarding the Florida vaccine grand jury, and I realized that it perfectly encapsulated why I’ve lost faith in this community.

When the “experts” agree with you, they’re credible, and you’re happy to appeal to authority.

When they disagree with you, they’re the corrupted puppets of corporations and the deep state, aka Quackademics.

Ron DeSantis publicly urged people to get vaccinated from 2020 to early 2021. He and his wife are both vaccinated(Johnson and Johnson). There is video from the time in interviews with him talking about this.

I welcome this grand jury investigation, and the participation of the aforementioned scientists or Quackademics. I have had 3 jabs, as have most people I know. If there is something to find, I hope they find it.

FWIW, I haven’t heard of anybody having side effects, personally.

…but I’m not buying for one second that either DeSantis (or Trump) are anything more than the most cynical of political opportunists on this issue.



Best not to put faith in posters on a web site.

I know many vaxxed and most say they have no side effects, however, I do know of a couple that have very serious neurological disorders, at present and it started one week after vax.

Please consider that it’s just as much the mandate as the jab itself; neither of which is acceptable to many here.

I agree with you re: The situation with Trump and DeSantis is as you’ve characterized, maybe more.

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@ou812 I’ll recommend to consider cushioning of any eventual side effects in time …

What is interesting from Your assertion is whether all jabs were genuine or there were placebo too, altho the logic along darpas hype for cortical modems says all were bionic (if graphene oxide can serve as cortical modem) tho genetic too, so more important question is which organism can survive that pressure!? Please Open New Thread so we would not go too offtopic in this one coz this sincere healthy share of mine …


I hope @ou812 you live and prosper for long time sincerely.
In my neck of the woods, elderly after jabs have multiple blood cloths, and falling incidences (these who never had them before) and 3 middle-aged women aggressive cancers, fortunately picked up quickly so prognosis is relatively good.
As far as Trump and his family my disappointment is growing, especially after the revelation from Whitney Webb, but If he is not establishment, then why deep state with its media is trying to get rid of him so badly???

Mandates for regular people not acceptable to me, either.

If you’re in the military or work in a hospital, that is different, but outside of those type of specific contexts, I don’t want government ordering people what to do with their own bodies…


Or, in the alternative there are more than one ‘Deep State’. Start thinking multiple Deep State’s are at war with each other. The world is a highly complex system, and there are many ‘players’.


Nidster, you didn’t catch may drift :grin: Banon-Navy, DeSantis-Navy, both fighting each other. That’s bad, if just one branch of US forces( not to mention other branches) can’t agree on one option.


Could it be the man simply knows to much without being read in? He knows too much about the UFO file, he knows all the Tesla stuff. His Roy Cone connections alone could get him killed. I don’t see the mystery here.

It’s spelled Roy COHN…

Welcome to the party @neru

my other favourite


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