For some time, I’ve been predicting the emergence of a “multi-reserve currency” world, a bit of a paradigm shift that the world has not really ever experienced as a permanent feature of its financial system for a very long time, centuries probably. To be sure, there were periods of exception to this coming paradigm shift,…


I wonder how will this echoed on the dollar stability on “long” run, GonzaloR almost with the beginning of the economic clash between usA and Russia was certain that the dollar will see fallout even that the rubble will replace it [1] altho my take then was weakening coz russian endurance and back door through chinese levers [2] but now this simply boost the gonzalos hype!, thus could it be that this is the fuse that can pull feds house of cards!?, simply strong motivation other to follow, and in such circumstances I really dont see how indebting would not skyrocket in usA, or would euroatlantic determinists cornered by such probability by “themselves” to push the who world economy in havoc so would have own restart momentum!?

As, I am aware the world currency status rest per’se on belief mostly coz blackmail or hostage skim, plus if is stirred world wide hyperinflation the debt rates of all will be blown till ceiling, what would mean space for new blackmail for accepting imf’s cbdc as western ace for bailing out of the central banks now indebted to it, and if so then this year it could be indeed the most harsh from world wide economic turmoil, not sure whether that would reach the famous great’depression’levels or it will surpass it by far greater factor coz now all world is tied to the western finnacial casino!?

From globalization to regionalization. Yep, it’s in there.


Probably after the fail of ttip as planB (quiet consolidation of usA and eU) and now the crippling great’reset as planC (loud consolidation of usA and eU) now on table is planA (nafta), but wait a sec, isnt this kind a backup for the failed planB i.e. what would had have been smooth secure merging till western superstate now by emergence necessity all are peddled on far faster submission through the spinned ukrainian crisis > europeans towards federalization [1] while conservative northamericans towards nafta [2] normally another rigged domino fall will blowup the economic crisis so consequently would be pushed and speeden the outcry for western pax’romana superstate, hm, again with all the risks in that process, simply euroatlantic determinists now cant seat with crossed hands but only further compacting the western “unity” once now eU is ironwalled by usA for any ties with Russia, tho to some maybe looks if “they” act now without plan, yet for “ordo’ab’chao” scenario are still not prepared, so waiting on accidental circumstances that is not “their” way’of’life …

… this could be all just more or less improvised part of the process, sometimes goes smooth sometime struggling, push’pull’reality that “they” envisioned it should be secured by cbdc’s and full’digital’economy!, but what if “they” are not in time with “their” implementation, while in meantime continental reserve currencies start popping up as backed by precious metals, will that not shaken the current dollar status, also why to expect that will be left to southamericans nationalization of the owned by “them” precious resources, exploitation legacy that never stopped to exist but just shifting euroatlantic gears [3]-[4]-[5]–[6][6][6]—[6][6][6]-[6][6][6] so normally the problem with this SUR exhibition is whether ea-determinists will just seat and passively observe, or as in case of Gaddafi (coz his will for african currency backed by gold&oil) will stir southamerican havoc!?

Hm, how the recent popular peruvian deelitization [4] got smooth swap [5][6] why&how to expect that this idea will be left to survive, on top this concerns dollar reserve currency status and not just partial local colonial interests!

… hm hm hm, seen from “their” bilderborg perspective if this with SUR passes, then whats next “usA” taking off hands from the Panama Canal, or maybe handing over its antarctic patches to Jamaica, cmon, this sur’will is almost too good to be true if we know what kind of colonial mindset “they” have (plus extra secured by fear coz the earlier failures from the decolonization era)!, thus it would be really nice miracle for southamerican states if this sur inertia sees the day ahead!

Just this week, saw a gold bug showing a ‘gold bill’, just like a current Note, only gold colored, allegedly with gold in it. To possibly be issued by ‘hold-out States’ or regions, whatever. If true, they’ve already turned it into currency and will diminish the gold, as Rome did the silver.

Think any of those could be just diversification of gold bonds, still it will tied to the main gold market which is manipulated by the banks enmasse [1][1] (haha video glitch on the page [1]) normally so would be kept the stability of the dollar, thus not some troubling issue for ea-deteminists which own fed, but this with the SUR is for “them” risk beyond local hype …

… and maybe as sur’event looks just like risk’management’idea for survival in probable global economic depression and now with no serious side effects to anyone, but it have potential to motivate independent will in others, what in best case scenario will only defocus ea-determinists from smooth executing of “their” great’reset coz eventual need for extra effort in suppressing such momentum, while in worst case scenario could provoke domino effect of wide panic and potential spillover in russian and chinese currencies!, altho the panic button can be pushed by China alone eg. in case the taiwanese question gets wrong ping’pong’arbiters [2]

Now, this kind of independent reasoning is affordable maybe for Russia and China but all the rest risk confrontation with ea-determinist what hm is like saying to the boss “you know I’ll take brake by my terms” hm indeed socialist reasoning, but will the boss tolerate such independent mood what about action!?, so we can see this maybe as kind of asymmetric economic warfare pressure by BRICS, with hope that ea-determinists will chill out with “their” exceptionalism and finally now will accept the 2009 call of China (and Russia) for joint global reserve currency [3] but would “they”!?

No, this is ‘gold backed currency’, infused into the bill.

hm, are You talking about gold certificates maybe [1][1] or about free floating golden assets [2] all of those are more or less similar eg. to stablecoin if are anyhow backed, but still far from currencies which are prime trade among central banks!, so as “played” gold assets (the point from the 1st footnote in my previous post) cant influence anyhow big time the regular currency market also in hands of and rigged by fed&co, simply so would states issue own new currency still need to be accepted by “their” swift, thus its not something like “we can do it” momentum, tho as independent investment funds it can make diversification so would have kind of independent back up, some sort of any’case’scenario insurance policy, tho this points that maybe something other is lurking on the horizon, still as I am aware the same trend cant anyhow challenge the current order, hm or maybe I am wrong …

… tho again, most close to such potential “challenging” influence is this idea with SUR which as I guess can stir hesitance inertia, altho speculative risk that as newbie depends on how the rest (states and markets) will embrace it mids the current order!, and again if to that consent ea-determinists i.e. see benefit from that, simply leaving loopholes for smooth capital overflow and like that missing the chance to blackmail the rest now tied to debt through “their” imf wbg and bis its indeed too good to be true!, but would like to hear from JPF how he sees this scenario happening i.e. like possible due to global consensus, or as result of postglobal economic depression!?