I had originally decided to title today’s blog “A Bankster Miscellany” given the three apparently different subject matters I intended to blog about. They are, I strongly suspect, related, as such things tend to be in the modern bankstering system and the rampant “financialization of everything” in an age when everything is being financialized and…


… I’m guessing the four largest immediate problems would be:

  1. … the commodities to be traded and their quantities
  2. … the medium of exchange
  3. … exactly with whom would we be trading
  4. … and last but not least, with exactly what Nazi … er umm … excuse me, corporate craft would be used?
    … neither Bozos’ or Muscatel’s semi-flying money pits appear especially well suited to the task.

With the qualifier on all of the above being that they not be discussed in terms from the realm of “Star Trek” thinking.


if we see the game from metaphysical perspective the answer would go like:

  1. Souls
  2. Sins
  3. aliens i.e. demons-anathema-to-them

it could be argued that this has credence if its taken as pivot the reasoning of RomleyS [1][1] in context of economia [2] where foremost is applied the realm rule Render to the kaiser what is his!, yet if we surrendered our freewill unblock by signature as owned corpses [3][3] 2ndFootnotes>[3] then by the fraud of custodian ownership guess we could be easily traded to the fallen angels!?, at least the neopagan euroatlantic determinists think so!, something like “they” own us coz we are “their” citizens thus can exercise eg. transhumanistic trials&errors without any consent, that in return sell us for easier possession [4][5] finally how can we rule out that such variables exist if we know that is given to anathemago an “” and what is more precious to “him” gold or souls!?, hm someone could say “he” lust for gems, yet I’ve heard that in the hell souls are under such pressure just like that in which diamonds are made deep in the earth womb!, gold also is produced in similar way but more coz friction pressure from the tectonic plates, while guess diamonds asks for more greater lets say steaming circumstances!, could we see us (the innocent souls) as pearls!?, can we shape shift from one state of pressure in another, think yes eg. by Consecrated Inchurched Life I’ve noticed as Orthodox Christian that I can quickly shift from iron hearth in titanium one then once when continue in such mode shifting in less and less heavier metal!, the analogy goes that we are starting innocent as Copper but along the life change forms due to our sinful lifestyle, tho if we get in Purify Mode (eg. the mentioned inchurched cleaning through ologocized vibes except Holy Mysterial Life in Feat), then surely we can get back to the purest metal crystal fluid and like that as Jesus Christ says to us Until You Dont Become Innocent Like A Child The Gates Of The Heavenly Kingdom Will Stay Closed for You!, now try avoid the signature to the kaiser!, coz he will do his best or will be pushed to sell out us all eg. solely coz envy to burn our Souls once by push’of’button will be regulated whatever mids the 4th. Industrial Revolution realm, to banalize even further not just that europeans could example envy asians why have real food on the plate instead worms as they (now somehow is vice versa) but will try to steal from them what is real!, aside that alone as forbidden food in the Old Testament such slimy crawling kind of food will be served as tasty temptation for all Christians in the western realm that eventually would experience ahead some melting pot of great breton woods depression!, practically now its kind of difficult someone to be sold coz the constitutional deal dont gives untied hands for plutocrats to execute sell out easily, but if things are rearranged by new technocratic deal mids eventual global controlled chaos such event would go far smoother on whatever level on top in two realities as the current but also virtual one once both of them are merged!, practically now everything needs to be positioned as selling souls coz power through fine tuned manipulation usually in form of agitprop so we would go with “their” flow, while later will be executed by push’of’button, at least it could be expected such outcome if we know that we as citizens dont have any direct control over “their” decision making while the political elites are normally hijacked thus we are witnessing plutocracy altho believe that we live in democracy!, essentially solely by lusting for materialism how we are tied to consumeristic society we are making idol from the money and through mammonism many are already harvested!, but “they” want as much as possible to be pulled down the drain thus thats why the tide is high regards the transhumanist and technocratic agendas!, yeah cornered by various slipery variables obviously “they” are panicking and pulling wrong moves and like that more and more exposing “their” true face, but as usual coz few centuries planned obsolescence of Christianity through various ways like secular education or braking moral taboos through mass media or popular culture defacto many cant even sense what about to be aware that there is huge fraud on the horizon regards their current freedom and the chance for Eternal One, so as sleepwalkers whats left than to stay awaken and awake others to this fact, doable if and only if we are living in Grace even solely by firmly accepting Jesus Christ as Savior what about when we live Life in Feat as dedicated to harness all Attributes of Our Almighty Lord as in apophatic so as in cataphatic ways, still as I am aware if The Logos is above all and Prayer is our highest harnessing of direct communication with the Essence then most logical approach is to act in apophatic way and then to it to attach with calmness cataphatic means yet again with awareness that this World (as temporal in its essence so as we in it) cant be turned in perfect i.e. heaven’on’earth is just an utopian illusion!

Yes to all the above…I’m trying to flesh out the bare bones of an outline… these are all problems I do not think anyone has adequately addressed, especially the financial-economic “planners”, at least, I’ve not seen any very deep papers nor articles about these topics…

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maybe not so important but so I would point that now we are in the last quarter of the 1k deceiving by satan-anathema-to-him, I’ll fill the empty citation in the quote bellow taken from The Bible Revelation …

" And when the thousand years are expired, shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth"

Building on several of Joseph’s thoughts/writings here, linking to recent developments. Perhaps the reason behind the partial policy change about disclosure is ultimately they need money, and they need exotic materials not easily sourced on Earth, and they need to launch some sort of ‘Manhattan Project’ to create the craft to go get them. Joseph I believe has indicated the ‘craft’ being re-engineered or created likely use extremely exotic materials which are (on Earth) very expensive. This is likely a major limiting factor for evolution of our SSP / all the off-planet projects they want to pursue. Bringing a project such as this out into the white would make it much easier to do, would reduce the cost associated with keeping a giant effort black.

On the subject of craft, just in the past couple of days I’ve listened to three different references of ‘acorn-shaped’ craft. One was on the Tucker/Grusch interview (1933 Italian recovery was acorn shaped), the second on the Timothy Alberino debrief of his ‘face stealers’ investigative trip (craft used by the creatures attacking the village was acorn shaped), and the Third an interview with Diana Pasulka/Jesse Michels where she describes a visit to a (not Roswell) UFO crash site and being told an acorn shaped craft was recovered. Oh, and wasn’t the Missouri crash also acorn shaped? Are these the ‘Chevy Pickup’ design of some other civilization?

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One example of such an exotic material might be Ormis (Monatomic gold). It apparently has unique properties such as the ability to disappear/go weightless (dimension shift?, go to plasma state?) when heated to certain temperatures then re-appear when it cools. We know certain plains in Arizona have unusual proportions of ormis present, and the drainage basin for Arizona goes into the waters off Baja. There should be a substantial deposit of ormis in the sediments of Baja bay. But it would be extremely damaging to the planet to try and recover them for large scale use…better to get exotic materials from off-world sources in quantity than refine them from earth / ores here that are not ‘rich’ by proportion.

I havent heard JPF vidchats and interviews so not in Your story loop, but coz dropped in with my logic, derived from my astral journeys, I’ll just add the ships are present but not in our dimension!, the problem when and how will be revealed is tied to APOStaSY i.e. how many Souls will be sold so it would come “the next” level!, the 4th and 5th footnote in my last post sumit up all with the possessed exemplars!, enjoy the ride!

I think the single biggest question is #2 – the medium of exchange. I find it hard to imagine that some alien species would be interested in Earth currency. Minerals, other commodities, DNA, or human beings are things I could see potentially being of interest to alien species and therefore usable as media of exchange.

However, if the “others” are actually humans from Earth who’ve set up a covert presence somewhere off-planet, then Earth currency could well be a medium of exchange being used.


I think to be able to guess what the medium of exchange is, it would be helpful to know… what does Earth have that other civilizations want… Is it our raw physical materials… or something else? And, where is “home” for these trading partners. Is it even in our dimension? Our solar system?

Some ideas I have heard are that Earth is possibly a farm… a zoological park…a travel destination… or is it some sort of laboratory/research facility (It does seem like our planet is perfectly set up with all different kinds of people separated by geographic locations making great control groups for studying)… or is it a strategically located outpost in the great cosmic war, a historical landmark possibly… maybe a “reality television show” in the style of the Roman Coliseum and Hunger Games…

A few thoughts I had are…

  • These UFO’s(potential trading partners) have been here since the beginning of recorded history.
  • The UFO’s have technology would allow them to take possession of any physical goods they want, so commerce is probably by choice?

Aren’t humans “common surface beings” without knowing or understanding it for the most part. Having acces ro every part of creation would be golden for spiritual and or physical reasons, especially war. In other words defeating/destroying God’s creation.

Isn’t that why humanity finds itself in a quarantine bubble, partually from nature’s defence and partually imposed with treaties to adhere? The state Earth is in I would guess we broke a few treaties and punched holes in the quarantine zone, wreaking havoc.

Humanity is so easily bamboozled by hate and willing to fight proxy wars, it would not surprise me if we are doing just that for a group of aliens with not the best of intentions for a hefty price ofcourse! Whole earth and everything in and on it sold out in a legal interplanetary market and trade way to fight an illegal neferious destructive war for god knows who that could destroy us all.


There is already an interplanetary Slave Trade going on, but it has been kept hush-hush, of course! Systems have been running for decades that we Normies are unaware of! There are Whistleblowers of every kind & just because some of them sound far-fetched, doesn’t mean that they are! :thinking: