The White House Admits It: We Might Need to Block the Sun to Stop Climate Change

This reads way too much like a grade-B disaster science fiction flick from the 1950s, more than it does a “science” article. But supposedly the US Government is funding this and/or the “White House” wants them to. I posted this on another forum where they require the full article and I added pithy comments after the “scientist” says, “there may be unintended consequences” I wrote “Ya think - Melodi” in brackets. My other favorite line was about how turning it off would be like “clicking a mouse.” Really I didn’t realize changing the weather patterns of the entire earth was that simple (sarcasm alert). I really suggest reading this all the way through because some of the “best” comments are at the end of the article.
These people are INSANE as is this proposal (which I suspect they are already doing, they are just now trying to make it public).


Something of planet can’t kill this planet and everything on it fast enough. Sadly, so many nut potters making it come true!

I suspect the Solar Radiation Management (SRM), which I could not find the meaning of in the article so I looked up the letters and found another one which is probably the one they really mean in this climate “crisis” bs and control of the planet. I was introduced to this while an employee of a multinational oil company.

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New way of issuing bonds. CO2 doesn’t work, since people are not buying that narrative. Now let’s scare them more, planet is dying we have to go after the sun. Like that’s going to work. These globalist minions are getting crazier and more desperate.

Like in animated nightmare this resembles Animatrix Second Renaissance scenario [1] just switch the roles man&machines with elites&slaves, anyway “they” want to make cyborgs from us in form of hackable animals, if so we will prevail in such projection, altho as elites “they” would like to see “demselves” as true mankind and at risk to be eradicated, so hope maybe by blocking the sun will stay in power, survival reflex is strange thing!

Or, just stop the chemtrails.

Or, they’re trying to keep us from seeing something? Could be any number of things.
Chemtrails & other methods might also remove oxygen from the air. Most of the chems they’re using bond with O ions.

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Well, the SUN does go through it’s own cycles, and changes.

But, are elitist on Earth; starting to play in the Magnetosphere, and other areas that involve the SUN.
So have they messed the SUN’s open system up;
by trying to force, related “x”, “y”, “z” closed systems to work?

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The crop failures will do wonders for Baal G’s lab-made food investments.

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