Uh Folks, Now Arkansas (February, 2024)

I don’t know if you have ever seen project Veritas… Their undercover footage of the Pfizer VP, Jordan Tristan Walker, was ground breaking… They also got a CNN director to talk about the climate change plans… They are both interesting videos if you haven’t seen them.

CNN Director Caught on Hidden Camera Admitting Climate Change is 'Next Pandemic' To Control



Most of the Quebec videos I’ve seen posted (not just here) are those showing the simultaneous volcanic eruptions of many fires. Understand that most if not all of the “new” massive plumes (those that weren’t visible at the beginning of the video) were actually already-active, small (normal) wildfires. This theory can be verified by watching Band-07 surface infrared imagery; these smaller fires are barely visible as lighter gray dots and are hard to see against a gray background (easier with blue).

If one scrolls back up to the 12th post on this thread where I described a current SW Georgia fire, they can see just how small a solitary, new wildfire plume is on a zoomed-in visible image. The best evidence of the unnatural nature (meaning, manmade) of these intensified and erratic wildfires can be found by watching animated Band-07 satellite imagery. Since the late summer western fires of '21, I have monitored Band-07 daily across the US and black dot behaviors haven’t changed.

NOTE: I prefer the NASA image viewer over NOAA because it has a zoom function, a better control panel and some scripting features for things like the blue background. Downside is NASA animations are limited to just the latest 50 images and northern latitudes are not available. NOAA images are much better for seeing the upper Canadian fires.

Which causing greater damage–the starting of fires or the perpetuation/intensification of them? For me, it is overwhelmingly the latter because volcanic fires not only burn more area, not only spawn more downwind and adjacent fires, not only generate more voluminous plumes of smoke, but they make great fodder for climate change propagandists. That said, the starting of so many fires over great distances is also alarming and strongly suggests they are intentionally being set, arson if you will.

I have previously reported several wildfire events on this site with little interest. The severity and impact of the ongoing Canadian fires as well as the passage of time with more climate change clamor have generated increased interest this time. I dare say, more folks here are starting to realize the patterns I have talking about.

One last point on black dot theory. I contend that ALL black dots are caused by the unknown weapon system(s), be it HAARP, DEW, ball lighting, venting, lasers, aluminum aerosols, etc. I believe the black dots are showing the temperature of ground/soil more so than that of the trees burning. The link below is current NOAA Band-07 imagery of British Columbia with the northeast fire areas clearly visible from last night (June 8, 2023) through this morning. Those fires were really stoked yesterday (many concentrated black dots) but once sunlight was gone, all but a few of the black dots quickly faded to gray and blended in with surrounding surface temps. Think about it. Even if the wind dies down, which it usually does, those big thick burning masses we call trees are still going to burn real hot. How is it that they cool so quickly? I say the external energy source (yes, the unknown weapon system) has been removed, much like turning the gas burner off on the stove to halt boiling water.

Canadian BC Band-07 Animation
NOTE: You will have to adjust the Loop setting on the control panel; I set a low Loop value for those with slow internet service. The Image Viewer can be set for up to 40-hrs of the latest images.

Bookmark the NOAA website, choose a location and start using the Band-07 Image Viewer regularly. It will reveal the patterns I have been haarping on.

Below is what I saw DAILY for several WEEKS in eastern Kansas. There were literally thousands of black dots turning on and off from about 11:00 until sunset every day. Kansas does not have dense forests. How can crop, brush and grass fires be as black as a forest of big trees?? Farmers quite possibly started each one of these, but I am telling you, a field fire of remnant organic matter is going to burn in a line, burn cool (as compared to wood) and burn fast. There should be no infrared dot of any color nor any smoke plume as seen from the Image Viewers. And yes, the spooky glowing feathery clouds were always passing by.

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I’ve been watching black dots on Dutchsinse & they’ve been popping up all over N.A. continent.
I also live at the edge of a heavily wooded area which takes up about 1/4 of the State of TX. and know wildfire can be bad news. With regard to what starts these burns, IDK, and you certainly could be right about it.

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@thebeaver We all come to the table with different worldviews, perspectives and opinions of things. Most of us, me included, are speculating in the absence of tangible evidence. I could be wrong about black dots. Last I heard him, Dutchsinse believes them to be vents of sorts. I disagree that they are from below unless the passing clouds somehow complete a circuit for the ground to become heated. Solar radiation seems to play a big part of this too, as nearly all black dot activity happens after 10:00AM.

I don’t need to prevail on this forum; I just want to inform as the patterns, for me, are SO convincing and SO contrary to the narrative SO many people are falling prey to.

What we are seeing is not natural and as I have said multiple times here, if it is not natural, then it is manmade and if it is manmade, then it has a purpose. Because it is always so destructive, that purpose is evil and needs exposed.

I too live near heavy forests in a rural Ohio River valley state. I expect to burn here at some point.


I hear ya, @sharick . IDK, as I’ve never seen anything like this; wouldn’t surprise me if there’s an ‘unnatural start’ to these fires at all.

@yyyyythats6ys The CNN piece dovetails quite nicely with all the amendments the WHO is making to their international health regulations. Dr. Campbell does a great job discussing this from an EU perspective. Climate change events will fall within WHO’s sphere of authority, of which, the U.S. and most nations are fecklessly pursuing.

Video 1
Video 2

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@sharick Thanks again for sharing your invaluable research and time spent putting it together.


What’s Up With the Chocolate Clouds in Alberta?!

I haven’t seen this phenomenon before:

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I asked my Alberta friends what is in this area that could be showing up brown… I will let you know if they have an inkling.

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@justawhoaman Thank you.

They are airborne; those two dark masses move with the other clouds. What is interesting is that the color is different when viewed from the GOES-18 satellite instead of GOES-16; they are more gray.

Even more intriguing is the presence of feathery invertebrate clouds on top. Chocolate cupcakes with icing, I guess.

Also interesting on the western side of Alberta is how one fire in a cluster has a vertical white plume that is rising faster than the winds can carry it away with the adjacent smoke.

This is kinda like going through an audit. The more you scrutinize, the more issues and questions arise.

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Thanks yyyythats6ys, I have seen some project Veritas reports but not this one .I will have a look at this.

My partner from Alberta says that is in the middle of flipping nowhere but lots of prospective oil fields… Her father is a driller and they burned down all the outbuildings which stopped them for a week or so- portable buildings. The rig didn’t get harmed… BUT if you started one of these rigs on fire, you could see a whole different set of burns from the “satellite” (aka truly “weather balloon”)


@justawhoaman Thank you and your partner for the quick information. Yes, a look at the location as best I can reckon on a map reveals many wells on the hillsides. That might explain the white plume, which got a lot bigger after I posted last time. Another plume nearby just shot off a short time ago.

Not an explanation exactly, but I have seen the reports of arson…

What he’s saying here is true. This is where I worked from 2000-2020. The program changes/cuts he addresses were all done in the name of a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Here is only 1 example: Since most reports of fires were coming from cell phone users and not fire tower operators, the fire towers were torn down. In house we were told the the cost of tower inspections was very costly due to the deteriorating condition of some towers.


According to Communist Broadcasting Canada … “A senior government source told The Canadian Press that discussions on a new emergency management approach are already WELL underway and include analyzing the merits of creating a Canadian version of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the United States.”

And the latest from Greg Reese on this topic …

Arson Driven Wildfires Being Used As Catalyst For Canadian FEMA?


FEMA is a strange company, I interviewed to be a team leader for the new branch established during the Obama years partnered with Americorps, surprised these teams do almost entirely just office work almost no field work.

Did traditional corps instead as member instead of leader, but met some of the fema corps when they did training at same campus Colorado heights university in Denver.

They had to move out of that campus in 2015 and then were operating out of the Denver federal center for awhile, don’t know if they moved to a different location after that.

Traditional corps does more actual service in disaster relief, which seemed like a good thing but I didn’t know about this theory that the government is causing the hurricanes in the first place that’s definitely a problem.

None of my teams were deployed for disaster recovery just helped with some teaching and building trails and other work for state parks.

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