Vigano gives latest video speech

This is important.

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Here is link to the aforementioned website mentioned in the video. Take look…

A friend and I had this conversation yesterday. Those responsible for the tyranny will not stop because we ferret them out and slap their hands. We must continually defeat them.

My take on the Maui disaster (the fact that Oprah is there is almost an indicator) is that they “sent the children home from school” (there were 3000 enrolled and only a little over 300 are now accounted for in re-enrollment and home schooling), is that they loaded them up and took them. Murdering the families meant that no one would know what happened to the children. This is because we are winning- we have seriously reduced the number of underground facilities and their need for adrenachrome means that they are desperate. This was a deal they couldn’t pass up as they now have the high dollar real estate that they wanted. Just figure out how old Oprah is and take a look at her “youthfulness”… and her history of being in places where the children disappear. Haiti anyone?

Vigano is telling us we WILL win this with God. There will be a much smaller population when it is over but they will be defeated. Peace.


Based on your thesis, there are no heirs for the lands, problem of false Hawaiian constitution solved.

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Here is the Archbishop’s twitter
explaining his position on medical cannibalism: