1st Jewish Vatican Office Opens In Covenant w/Pope


1st Jewish Vatican Office Opens In Covenant w/Pope. Jews open 1st office in history in Rome’s Vatican in a bond of covenant with Pope where the Pontiff agrees to accept & support the Jews in their Jewish religion & the Jews accept the Roman Pope authority to do so in these Daniel prophecy signs. In a first, a Jewish organization opens an office at the Vatican. Lauder, a billionaire heir to the Estée Lauder fortune and a longtime Republican donor, presented the pope with a document the World Jewish Congress called “Kishreinu,” meaning “our bond” in Hebrew. The document “encapsulates the intricate historical and cultural tapestry binding Jewish and Catholic communities around the globe .”

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Just formalizing an old agreement?

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For some reason, I feel like I don’t need to read further. I continued anyway but came right back to it.