2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - 'The Blue Danube'

Well they don’t make them anymore like they use to… :smirk:

Nowdays Hal’s Watching… :smirk:

Eerily true and than some. The more data, the more control and without the ability to disconnect. I forgot about the reference to HAL’s autonomous feature to maintain on board life support. How to we separate from it? Don’t sign up for “Smart” environments, and gadgets like iPhones?

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Well, yes, that is one part of the solution.
People don’t really need Smart Environments or iPhones.
Personally, I can’t understand such people who use such things. Especially those who use iPhones. I mean what if your battery runs out. The phone turns off and locks right?How are you going to unlock it afterwards when the battery is charged if you don’t have network coverage where you are, assuming your phone is locked via iCloud?
But it is mainly about how one perceives time, and secondly about the remote control of devices and does a person need such a thing at all?
In my opinion, everyone has enough time for everything.
Remote control of appliances is completely unnecessary, hot water heaters are a good example. They have thermostats and turn themselves off, why would someone need to be able to turn it off remotely?
In my opinion one needs to go back to using analog technologies as much as possible in all parts of life.
Furthermore, there are other old and well-known methods for storing and preserving any type of food, such as salting meat, and vacuuming other types of food by boiling the jars in water, right?
So one can ask the question, do we really need refrigerators? No, we don’t really need them, but it’s easier with them, right? Laziness and/or I don’t have time?
Cars without a single chip in them are still available right?
But these current ones with chips are easier to manage right?
Laziness again and or lack of time, etc.?

Everybody else has one or using one…yep the marketing ploy is saving time or appeal to ego.
I have memories as a child of my grandma preparing breakfast and dinner every day on a coal/wood burning kitchen stove. Later, when the house was piped with natural gas and a gas range was installed, she was quite content. The house already had electricity and of course a television that received the three major networks via a roof mounted antenna.

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Everything that you listed still falls under the name of analog technology, although the use of gas and the use of electricity already falls under network,or grid connections, but still more useful than harmful.
However, here is the trick and the main question, can a household be kept healthy and well supplied, heated and all that without being tied to any network/grid?
The answer is yes, but it requires more physical effort,and more knowledge of natural processes, and some parts of thermodynamics, for example, which are learned not from a textbook, but by trying through experimentation. Or, for example, salting meat is a long-known and proven way to preserve meat and other types of food, but it requires more time.