3rd Party Member Content

This question came up today: Why is X interview featuring Dr. Farrell, Catherine Fitts, or Dark Journalist NOT in the Giza members area?

In the members area, we see frequent Solari content (Catherine Fitts) and occasional Dark Journalist content. This does not mean that ALL Solari or Dark Journalist content will appear in our members area.

We have no formal arrangement with Dark Journalist to share any content with our members. So if that gets done by Dr. Farrell, that’s on a case-by-case basis, as he secures permission to do so.

We do have an arrangement with Solari for them to share selected (whatever they see fit) pieces of content with our members. But there is no agreement to share ALL content they produce in any capacity.

The fact that Fitts appears in an interview, or Dr. Farrell does, also does not mean she, he, or we have the rights to that interview to share with our members. It’s intellectual property, so rights have to be expressly conferred.

This cannot be managed by members, of course, but must be a direct conversation between Dr. Farrell (who manages content) and the rights-holding party.