90,000 PSI water jet

90,000 PSI water jet.

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Thinking that might be helpful in getting through blocked cave systems such as( former??) Nazi tunnels &c.

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Must be a really giant compressor for this probably not as portable as dynamite sticks.

Here’s one for only $60,000: 90k Psi Waterjet Machine 90000psi Water Jet Cutting Machine - Buy 90k Water Jet,90ksi Waterjet Machine,90000psi Waterjet Cutting Machine Product on Alibaba.com

Like a laser cutter only cuts things that can be placed on the table.

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Perhaps I’m seeing things, but it doesn’t seem to be cutting through the the surface below the objects being dissected. If so, why not? Does the cutting force start to weaken when it reaches a certain distance from the nozzle?

You are seeing things.

Isn’t this fracking (fracing) shale rock for natural gas?

no no no no of course not you are joking about that?