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This is another article that was spotted by E.G., and I have to comment on it, because to my mind it is full of “high octane speculative implications”. But first, the article: Watch: US Drops Experimental ‘Parachuted’ Missile In Arctic As Warning To Russia The USSA, according to the article, has been testing a new…


I sense a certain tention on the part of dr. Farrell, regarding Russian lack of response to already several American show offs with their kinetic weapons. Yes, it is odd in my opinion too. My speculation is that Putin doesnt control them. Egomaniac he is, nothing would please him more and lift up his bruised ego, than conduct some spectacular killing off the Dons of the world. Yet no avail. Putin is either playing long game or doesn’t control his millitary completely. I am more inclined towards later, since my belief is that High Ocultic Order of GRU is truly running Russia.

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I have no problem imagining Mr. Putin with a “big ego”, even a very, very big one.

If you call Mr. Putin an egomaniac what would you call the others? At least Mr. Putin still got an ego, I think the others elevated their ego to godhood fantasy!

Search in Webster dictionary for definition of egomaniac is recommended.

That’s an intriguing possibility…


Makes sense to me, the guru came from there

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  1. What were her intentions?
  2. Who specifically enabled her travels?
  3. Alice Bailey had a Russian counterpart/rival;
    what did they represent in juxtaposition to
    MME B? Or Rasputin, for that matter?
  4. (I prefer Chekhov and Borodin)