A Giza Cookbook: Vaccine Cuisine

Get ready, Foodies!
Let’s get those recipes rolling: How about mRNA Tacos?

Actually, mRNA Shrimp is already here! Coming soon, we can even make those consistent crowd pleasers: Carne Asada Vac Tacos.

Whoopie! The mRNA will be injected straight into the meat!

I have been singing this song an awful lot lately. I can’t imagine why.

Stop this world, let me off
There’s just too many pigs in the same trough
There’s too many buzzards sitting on the fence
Stop this world, it’s not making sense

Stop this show, hold the phone
Better days this girl has known
Better days so long ago
Hold the phone, won’t you stop the show

Well, it seems my little playhouse has fallen down
I think my little ship has run aground
I feel like I’m in the wrong place
My state of mind is a disgrace

Won’t you stop this game, deal me out I know too well what it’s all about
I know too well that it had to be
Stop this game well it’s ruining me

Well I got too smart for my own good
I just don’t do the things I know I should
There’s bound to be some better way
I just got one thing more to say

And that is
Stop this game, deal me out I know too well what it’s all about
I know too well that it had to be
Stop this game well it’s wrecking me

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You hit it, Sal! – Diana Krall :musical_note: is a real favorite here at my family dinner house :musical_keyboard:!
P.S. No mRNA dishes will be plated, :plate_with_cutlery: or masks :mask: worn in my kitchen :dancer:

The Holidays are upon us and I am pre-encouraging pushback at all family and group gatherings, big and small. :pray:

P.P. S. “The Bad People” have major plans for the upcoming season, so we aint
whistling Dixie:

Conference 28
11/30/23 thru 12/12/23
7 year plan to execute agenda 2030.

Rough draft release
Strengthening of International Cooperation.

Announced on 5/5/23 on 12/13/23
Terra Carta principles will be introduced by King Charles.
10 New climate change mandates over next 7 years.

Global certification ID by 2027 (Digital ID)

9/30/23 Statement by Antonio Guterres.

10/4/23 Statement by Pope Francis

25% Carbon reduction goal. By 2025

Conference “Summer of the Future” 2024 to accelerate 2030 agenda SDG’s (Sustainable development goals. Pac for the future. UN website.

Relevant links:


Quantum DOT Tattoo

UN Political Declaration

I’ll post on the 40 cities, if other Gizas haven’t done so already. I’ll check.

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Thank you for the info Alicia.

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Of course, Sal :coffee::coffee:. Remember where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more! Let’s
Bathe, day by day, in the Holy Light of Jesus and His inescapable Love for us all.
May the God of peace sanctify us completely. May our Spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at His coming and may we see the joy of His countenance and love each other every single day until that moment when we see Him face to face. :heart:

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Update: my friend told me I can get a full refund 30 days prior to the trip so I committed myself. That option makes me feel better. We will see what happens. :heart:

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