A great live concert with Agnes Obel at the beautiful Colledge Des Bernardins in France

A wonderful concert inside this beautiful hall

solitude, depression, spreading bleach on an ‘artistic’ level. i tried many times to listen to her, but always comes to me as a lady who was not held dearly and was thrown away during the times.
its good for her - possibly - she puts it into music. not for me to keep dear her ‘accompishments’.
the scene is beautiful. the music is flawed and tortured from the inside. the more she keeps up in this loop, the harder she gets out. IMHO

p.s.: imagine a candlelit supper after the concert, and the lovers say to each other ‘it was beautiful, i love u so much’. that would be a very, i mean very-very high level of detachment. was more like a prelude to suicide.