A Historical Perspective on Anti-Gravity Technology - Was Amy Eskridge silenced? (1985-2022)

Was Amy Eskridge silenced? (1985-2022)

Her dad, Greg Eskridge, was the technical lead of the Advanced Propulsion lab at NASA Marshall. Here she is explaining how the black budget programs work;


“Dr. Amy Eskridge, 35 year old scientist/co-founder of the Institute for Exotic Science dies in Huntsville. Retired UK intel officer Milburn claims she was targeted by directed energy weapons & murdered by a “private aerospace corp””

About Amy Eskridge

Amy Eskridge is a scientist and an entrepreneur with a chemistry degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is currently enrolled in the Material Science PhD program, also at UAH. She is an interdisciplinary scientist and her work has touched technology from Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) testing of piezoelectric microcantilevers and gyroscope testing, to nonviral polymeric drug delivery formulation and gene therapy research. She also has extensive experience running software consulting businesses, leading startups and performing project management of a variety of technical projects. She is co-founder and President of The Institute for Exotic Science, a Public Benefit Corporation international research institute and also CEO and President of HoloChron Engineering. She excels in translating between scientists and engineers of multiple disciplines as well as technical writing, business administration and loves to pursue questions that are difficult but revolutionary.

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Here she is explaining how the black budget programs work;

“You know what they do with their smartest people? Cancel, cancel, cancel. Dopamine block.”

“They get the ideas from you. They get the design. They get the prototype that works the first time you turn it on and they they cancel it and they take it a level deeper.”

“So what they do, you solve the impossible problem, then they cancel it. ‘Cancel it’ in the white world. They move it a level deeper. A level deeper they optimize it for the ‘secret application.’ And they give you a new problem. And then they cancel it.”

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