A History Teacher's Warning

A History Teacher’s Warning

A History Teacher’s Warning - YouTube


Thanks ColonelZ. I can see why they are out to get her…she actually understands ethics and constitutional rights and says so! Bad example for those still sitting on the fence, holding on to their jobs by a thread, afraid of the consequences their families will face for quitting, never mind finding the courage to stand up at a public meeting. However I do appreciate their dilemma… people genuinely can’t fathom the depth and calculated layers of this assault on the US, not to mention the whole world. And, I suspect, like most of us , they are living without a Plan B. Still I was surprised at the warm response she was given and a little hope sparks in me to see that somewhere there are people who disapprove of this steam rolling of personal liberty AND are willing to gather and dare to be vocal. I pray someone heard her reminding them she will need a job tomorrow. (hope she didn’t waste money on union dues.)

Absolutely loved it!
Thanks for the link!
[I passed it on to family and friends]

Watch Sen. Josh Hawley’s epic confrontation with Biden lackey over DOJ’s threats to ‘silence and intimidate’ parents voicing concerns about their children’s education


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