A Manly P. Hall Quote

…“We either have to live according to principles, or die for lack of them”…


Here is the audio recording of the lecture, “Learning to Know the Dweller in the Flesh”. Manly P. Hall - Learning to Know the Dwelller in the Flesh | Esoteric, Metaphysical - YouTube

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yes the Manly P Hall presentations on You Tube are very good and the old boy knew a lot of stuff. However he struggled when he addressed where man came from and did mention Mesopotamia, he just didn’t know where to go with it.

I find that the essence of his work, worthy of note, in that he spoke of generalities that with a keen eye, could see further than any surface value. Would it matter our origins? Truly, does it really matter? Or does it matter where we are going? To the grave in a deep sleep? Not unlike the one we awaken to every day, or to an unfolding of what we once were? Simple questions as they may seem, they are more pertinent as these days pass, and I feel the patience of the “gods” are waning… I have no answers to these questions, yet I foolishly seek them.