A Massive Carbon Capture Plant in Wyoming Will Pull 5 Million Tons of CO2


There goes the plant life, bit by bit. Oh well, who wants or even needs clear oxygen made by mother nature at no cost. :upside_down_face:


Global leadership’s trifecta policies are racing towards: starvation, suffocation, or death by inoculations.
Whose worried about being invaded?
W/the current global leadership; Invasion may mean life.
Being invaded then, is a matter of life and/or death; just not quite the way, one may have imagined.

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Local article regarding CO2. Notice the increase in subsidies to entice carbon capture. We get to pay for our own destruction.
I worked at this gas plant during construction and two years after it was completed. Fascinating structure and process. It also separates and sells helium gas. We had fun with the helium gas…


Recent estimates are that volcanic activity annually releases around 600 million tons of CO2. So good luck with that, lol.