A recent comment on Greg Hunter's website regarding problems with podcasts, etc

FYI on the tech issues. Scott Kesterson had a number of issues where the latest software update to his system snarled his ability to post his podcasts to Podbean. He and the tech engineer from the company that makes his soundboard for mixing the podcasts traced the issue to the latest download that Apple did to his system. He had to buy a new computer (it was an Apple that got the upgrade) to get around the issue. Now he can upload again.

Maria Zeee is reporting on the communications and banking outage in Australia. This also happened after a recent download. The tele company there still has not come out with the reason for the outage though partial system access has been restored.

I have had multiple links to surveys which no longer work from sources that previously I had no issue with and some websites that just fail to load. This is after a download from Microsoft (which was inordinately large at 6 GB) that was supposed to be system upgrade.

Scott and the tech theorize the system software upgrades were allowing better access to scrap data from a number of sources which are being fed to various AI’s. The desire to improve these models, by hook or crook, appears to know no bounds. It also appears to have a few bugs which are degrading various system performances. The system is now so complex that some of these upgrades are totally designed by the AI’s and the software techs are out of their depth in coming up with fixes. They may just improve the system to the point it fails to work at all. Good luck selling or implementing a CBDC under these conditions.

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… as soon as Steve died … even slightly before … it was well known that if you wanted to keep things running one never, ever, did anything to one’s OS. Just sayin’


Thanks so much for posting this critical information.

Hmmm. Could not have anything to do with martial law since 2017, could it?