A right cross (or left hook, maybe even an uppercut...take your pick! ) to the 'prevailing orthodoxy?

I’m sure many in here will be very familiar with RFK Jnr and his new book on Dr Faustus…errr Fauci, and many will have seen previous interviews online too. I put this one up here for the simple reason that this interview is with MSM stalwart Tucker Carlson…hardly an Alex Jones type! I am loathe to make predictions or even hope-filled comments re a possible turning point…but it IS hard to not at least contemplate the idea that RFK and his book really is having a profound effect, challenging the whole pandemic agenda as he does so effectively here. I am not in America of course, but I am wondering just how much coverage in MSM forums RFK is actually getting. I’d be sure the alternative news - Highwire et al - is pushing it hard, but is Tucker Carlson really sticking his neck out, or are others of similar ilk also covering RFK? :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for posting this interview! This is the first time I am seeing RFK Jr. in the MSM. IMO, RFK Jr. does an excellent job explaining the topics we discuss in this forum… making this interview an excellent source for people who are starting to have questions. Here is a link to the Children’s Health Defense website: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ which highlights RFK Jr.'s outstanding work.

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RFK Jr. hasn’t gotten much MSM play, so I’m happy to see this. Unfortunately, I think TPTB will quite possibly whip out the Smallpox scenario on us and if that be the case, we’re pretty much done. It’s Austria, Germany, Australia for U.S. also, but only after tight lockdown for months. I think people underestimate what they’re prepared to do; they can’t turn back now, it’s gone too far. Thanks to USMCA for making much of this LAW OF THE LAND (literally).