A small note on the Ukraine incursion

Hi, this is just a( longish) Twatter feed from Alexandra Bruce on the current & upcoming situation( WARNING! Language!).
What I find interesting, amongst other things, fascinating even, are these quotes: “And what is behind him[ Putin] is not of this world.” and “The entity involved in all of this is at a far higher level of power…” .
Now I would actually tend to concur with her analysis.
But speculation is opened here as to what the “Entity” is.
Could it be the so-called Pleiadians/ Pleiades Confederation? Would it turn out to be The Andromedan Council? Might it be the Archangel Michael?? Who, or even What, is this???

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net on Twitter: “BigDickAnonsCIAFren is Back! The Biden crime family is in trouble. Not only have the Russians located the Biden Files maintained by the Ukrainian Secret Service, the pictures are so depraved. Hunter can do things that are simply astounding… https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/367760514/#367762991” / Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/chicabruce/status/1504966110222946307?cxt=HHwWhsC47YOt2-IpAAAA

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Thanks for the link. I avoid that noise anymore but that was interesting.

Politically incorrect and DEAD ON ACCURATE.

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In so many ways, comparable to the ForbiddenknowledgeTV.net review… if not, MORE straight on. A must hear.


Maybe the contrast or similarity between Musk and Zalensky might be made? What definition of space are “we” using? How real are either of these people? CIA created creatures, one, both, maybe?

I find Musk’s name interesting.
Elon — Noel —Lone
and perhaps, with a bit of of alteration Musk — Skum.
Noel Skum??? Anti-Christ? Alien??? Aberration? Who knows.

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Deep spooky-spooky woo-woo…

Here’s a take on Musk by his first wife (now divorced). They had five boys. A set of twins and a set of triplets. Their first son died at ten weeks due to SIDS.

in good position to be an antichrist. although the sentient hydra-nanocomputer from the jab on ur pineal gland and heart fits better the intrusion of the Holy of the Holies.

That was interesting watch. Basically Elon Musk holds a special position in a DS structure. What could be so special about him? Can he be easily manipulated because of his Asperger’s syndrome? or could that be, that he provided a DS with an sign up piece in a form of ancient archeology find, that was useful to the DS quest to reconstruct an ancient/open physics technologies. Where did he get that piece of archeology. His grandparents? looking and finding something interesting in a Kalahari Desert?. Musk himself call them amateur archeologists.

Elon Musk’s grandparents were adventuring pilots who spent years looking for a lost city in the desert | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)