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Every now and then there is a pattern among the non-patterns of the article-bearing emails that all of you send, and this has been one of those kinds of weeks. There has been no discernible pattern in the stories shared by all of you, except that the overwhelming majority of them have been not only off the…


Wow, that’s an impressive heist!!

Difficult to fathom what all this would take without seeing what kind of a tower this was, 200’ is tall, but is there any more information about how heavy of a structure this was and what kind of broadcast equipment?

First guess would be it could have been stolen with the goal of selling just for the value of the metal + cables/equipment, but obviously they can’t sell that on the open market without the feds being able to identify and prosecute them for the theft.

To fell the tower could have just required cutting some of the cables, and pushing/pulling it over with a truck. Then probably cut into at least 4-8 shorter pieces with a cutting wheel. May have been more difficult if it was a heavier structure to be able to fell that.

Would be great if the goal is to start a new pirate radio station, lol.


There would seem to be many easier ways to get that weight of scrap metal than felling a radio tower. It would be nice to know if there are signs of tower impact / reports of a noise from neighbors. Hard to imagine scrappers going to the risk of climbing a 200 ft tower and disassembling (which requires specialized ‘jib crane’ equipment to safely disassemble piece by piece, sections being likely 30’ long). Someone with a vindetta against the broadcaster would likely just do enough damage to put it out of commission and leave the pieces there. Checking the Rohn website, a 200’ tower is available in stock at around $28K ( Rohn 65G90R200 Tower Assy 65G 200’ 90 Mph 3Sec Gust Rev G). So if the perp is a terrorist, they aren’t a very well funded one to need to steal that. And the minute they started broadcasting the have given up their location to anyone with an antenna rotator and signal strength meter. Re-use (in the USA) seems implausible, scrapping seems un-economic, vindetta seems unlikely. IDK the answer but the info provided can serve as foundation for further speculation.




This looks like a very lightweight tower, most of the structural rigidity is just in the support cables to keep it from falling over.

The lame stream propaganda news has pictures of way heavier towers with this story, deception!!

New York Post:

Zero Hedge:


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Once you get past a certain height on those things they use freight helicopters to install and disassemble equipment on the upper portions. Don’t know if that was needed in this case but yeah, that wasn’t a bunch of petty thieves, these guys were skilled.

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Ok, then I am going on the limb of HOS. There must have been something special about this tower. Something that was not disclosed by owners or press.
If my memory serves me well Alabama is the state with lots of military bases, Navy and Airforce, SouthComm if I am not mistaken too. Generally deep state outpost with possibly breakaway civilization secret locations.
Well, breakaways, what do they do? mostly high-tech research. How about Tesla tower research, with its grave implications for the planet.
Dr. Farrel blogged about rough billionaires recently with an appetite for nuclear bomb or rod of God weapons. How about Tesla technology rough mad scientist or the one that works for billionaire.?

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Also, what LEO gets involved here ? I assume the FBI, also the FCC. If they come up with nothing, yeah, my suspicion meter goes in the red.
Actually I’ll make a prediction, this will go unsolved.
Just a hunch.

Going out on the limb with you. Hmmm — the billionaire mention.

Well as a precaution it may be a good time to back up digital records.
Could there be a connection between Bezos selling 2B in Amazon stock and someone seeing a future need for a much needed communication tower ?

Or, Maybe Bezos just wants to transfer funds to his charity

Or both.

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I searched maps and all I was able to find, according to the location description in the FB post (Antenna site behind MarJac Poultry, was an antenna tower labeled WWWB AM)
here is a link to a google maps street view, that shows what could be the antenna in question.

I propose a simple explanation. A feud ala Alabama, somebody at WJLZ AM, was messin’ around with somebodies cousin at WWWB AM, and this was the result of redneck ingenuity, blended with lots of whiskey, voila.

---- Just when I thought I figured it, I was wrong, The description of the location was, “site behind MarJac” Looking towards MarJac from WJLX-am, would place the tower south of the poultry factory, and looky, looky, there is another tower, labeled WARF-AM, WARF had a country music format with news and talk features, which was bought by WJLX-am (oldies programming)

the second map shows the actual tower mentioned in the article, no street view available, since google maps doesn’t have any records of this location.
But I will stick with my initial thought. Also, notice the lot with the heavy equipment next to the WWWB-am tower, on the first map, :wink:

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Yes, her on GDS we often forget about simplest explanation :man_facepalming:
Red neck angle? absolutely, very plausible :rofl:

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… Nice! :slight_smile: EO, I’m tending toward similar simple explanations. My first thought was … Wow! scrap must have become the go to source of financing for those rural meth labs. My second thought was … that was one heck of a repossession - in the sense of loan sharking collateral recovery. Anyway one looks at this event it is very, very odd.

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If you pan the first map, showing the competitors tower, which btw, appears to have a similar program to WJLX-am.
There is a lot with Heavy equipment, with a truck mounted crane, how convenient :rofl:

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Good questions all! There’s scant details from what I can tell.

Type “the stolen tower” in yandex and look what is the top search??

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tons of derelict old cars in backyards in that part of the world…way easier to tow a couple of those rather than take down a radio tower…this was unlikely to be about scrap value of the tower. I like the vindetta angle, but why then remove the material? Just cut the guy wires and torch one leg of the antenna.

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OK, I admit I have not read the article. But I’m wondering why it took the station so long to discover it wasn’t broadcasting? Was it all automated? As far as I know, if you’re radiating a signal you have to take some power readings every now and then, like more than 4 times a 24 hour day. I think most stations would know immediately something was wrong.


When we bought our ranch, idiot neighbors signed a contract to put a tower on their property. They got money. When it went up, my husband went ballistic saying we needed to sell immediately. I got his point.

Maybe these guys got together and said, “enough is enough”. We are taking that sucker down.

Given my late husband’s response, why not?


I wonder if the owner was leasing space on this tower to another entity for communication equipment. Local police and or fire dept, cell company, and so on? Disrupting an emergency service could have serious life and death consequences.

Did someone lease it out to have 5G installed? Vigilante justice seems to be the most likely motive, but as someone pointed out, then why take the tower? Were they from another country? Could it have been hit by some exotic weapon by accident?

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The idea of a tower like this getting taken down by a couple of drunken hillbillies with hack saws or even an acetylene torch is silly. Those towers aren’t nearly as spindly as they may appear from a distance. Also you would need flat bed trucks to cart the pieces off.