Access to "For Sale or Exchange" category

Access to the “For Sale or Exchange” category requires trust level 2, which pretty much anyone who’s using the forum consistently over a few days is likely to have. This is to reduce the opportunity for people to create an account and 10 seconds later fill the forum with “for sale” SPAM (e.g. male enhancement products and the like). We realize no one likes their behavior limited, but we’d also get complaints if there were no limits, which is how platforms (as some recently launched ones have learned the hard way) swiftly become unusable and unsustainable.


This category is for the exchange of services or sale of items users legitimately believe may be of particular interest to the Giza Community. E.g. hard to find books or other items related to topics discussed at Giza.

Keep in mind, it’s not eBay. If you have a sofa, stereo, old clothes, marketing services or pharma for sale, please look elsewhere. Do not offer illegal products or services.

Trust level 2 is required to access this category, in order to prevent someone from creating an account and immediately posting their random inventory. Spammers get banned, but limits that reduce SPAM are preferred.