“Adverse Events Data” released from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials today

This comes with a small question mark as to veracity, since the company was already ordered to release this data before their requested 75 years.

IMO, it is well within the realm of probability.


When I try to download all I am getting is computer code.

Lady Bug, that is not the same information I saw before posting that link.

Here is another website linking the huge list with a bit of commentary. The list itself is not a typical looking list. You will need to view it on larger tablet or computer screen. Hope this works, otherwise you should be able to find it in a google search.

I am on my laptop and when I open the court documents they load okay but when I open the Pfizer documents they are encrypted. A lady sent me this same info and said " scroll down 30 pages …8 pages of hundred or thousands of admitted side effects from shot so far known by Pfizer". Hahaha… trick is I don’t know which download she is speaking of and have not heard back from her yet.

Did you try the link I just sent? I have it running right now and it is still on the A’s!

No, haven’t tried yours yet. I will now and thank you!

Scroll down and you’ll see the video which visually and verbally lists the adverse effects.


Okay yes I did see and listen to the video. I also wrote down the court doc information on that video and will try to find the exact group of documents ( since there are so many) that have this information. Thanks again!

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Thank you for digging in the court docs as well!