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This important story was found and passed along by D.P. with our thanks, because if you’re watching Texas as I’ve…


I can believe that Mr. Globaloney also doesn’t like the rural areas, especially surrounding their precious bluetards in Austin and San Antonio. Everyone on my ranch suddenly became ill with no taste, fever, coughing, indigestion, etc. and we are always outside when having a conversation or working together. I was inside as I was recovering from a serious detoxing in a clinic (which explains my illness). Lots of large, loud military helicopters, chemtrail spraying, etc. overhead in the past two weeks makes me VERY suspicious. These are all “CV symptoms” and none of us are jabbed. Ivermectin and hydrocholoraquine did help but everyone is slowly recovering from the exhaustion presented by the toxin. Rural Texans are very resistant to masks and jabs.


Yes, we are resistant to that mask and jab BS.
This article is not new to us; has been circulating a while.
As 5th generation Texan, I don’t think there are any immediate, or even long-term plans to go it alone.


Thing are definitely getting interesting with a move to sunbelt of all the business activities in US. E. Musk with Tesla and SpaceX also in Texas. These Tesla towers are one the most spooky things( Truthstream Media had a nice video on them on youtube) to watch over the flat horizon of Texas. My question is who owns them? Shrub family anyone? The problem with succession is no matter what and who else is moving to Texas, if the military bases are under the federal gov. nothing will change, unless a massive insubordination will happen or maybe the Oklahoma National Guard is testing that issue already?

Apparently the Tesla towers are currently inactive. Not sure when that will change but CAF always alludes to the fact that it can’t be long. Rumor is that medbeds are being located in vacant hospitals, first to treat those rescued from child trafficking. To be confirmed.

Too bad, I think CAF is reporting Q-crap.
It sure has been a brilliant psyop; gotta hand it to them.

OMG. You sure don’t know CAF. She ABHORS the Q movement and the hopium it dispels. She believes it is encouraging people to sit on their duffs and wait for someone to save them.

Actually, I do know CAF and it sounds like Q crap, so they must be getting it from separate sources.
Vacant hospitals for rescued kids is straight out of Q. I don’t believe Q either, but follow what’s said to recognize sources.

Q. “crap” as you refer to it has absolutely NOTHING to do with children rescued from child trafficking. I guess you are one of the Normies who are going to have a few jaw dropping moments coming up.

BTW, Med Beds are real.

I doubt I’m one of the normies, but a variety of opinions on any blog should always be welcome. This is NOT to say child trafficking isn’t real. Have a nice day!