Agent zelensky special documentary

While I have my problems with Scott Ritter and my own “interpretation” of his problems in turn, this series that he produced contains some nuggets… I have to wonder, given my “interpretation” of his problems, how much of this documentary was really his… NAzi International doubters pay especial attention to part two, at about 26:00 into the video.


Are you referring to his criminal past? I dunno either what to make of it, he did his time am leaning toward giving him a second chance. Am Christian so , you know.

I dunno it’s the RT OR European production format i should say. Well Igor Lopatonok is in it maybe they used his production team or network , he covered 98% of the content during the past 2 years . Is the Kremlin footing the bill or his book tour payed the bill or the Kremlin payed for his book tour heheh? hmmm Well it’s a legitimate question. Just the fact it’sstill on YT speaks volume. Kiev is a terrorist regime now. They will sink him if Ukraine gets in the way of the 2024.

Tha’ts Gehlen legacy alright , i found a bunch of stuff on the CIA FOIA page last summer. It’s undeniable At this point.

I didn’t knew about the George C.Marshall european Center for Security studies , Building and Exporting democracy hey! … Seeing all the out of control Right Sector fights/Brawls in their parliament i wondered how they pulled it off . Now i know.

I learned a bunch from George Eliason , the diaspora will truly be the sole obstacle to peace. Eventually they will learn to live together and the expat will stoke the flame of hate and resentment. It’s a sad affair.

Doc , what would the church fathers say ; That black shirt with the inverted cross , the icon … He’s no pope of mine but still . That’s Anti-Christ level. no ?

Sorry for the rant , i been friend with a chick from Voronezh for over a decade now so i kept an eye on the conflict. In depth , not the regular punditry.

Thnx for the link

And now, The Nazi’s are doing away with him.
Start min. 21:00

Time magazine named Russian President Vladimir Putin its “Person of the Year” for 2007. So sometimes they do get it right.


That flashed through my thoughts too! LOL!

Their track record, however, is impaired because they also named Adolf Hitler as man of the year once, too.


I believe Lenin and Khrushchev, and even George da Bush were in the rotation too. We do need to take into account the huge impacts they caused, so I suppose we should allow Time magazine a bit of leeway.

Whoops, uTube has taken these down for violating their ‘sometimes, hard to understand ToS’.

Rumble is more forgiving, so here is Pt2—

Agent Zelensky — Part 2 (

Want to know more? A ‘search’ of RT will yield some additional information beyond what is provided the video.

Zelensky shares photo of Ukrainian soldier with Nazi insignia, again — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The video’s are already scrubbed from youtube, any other links?
I found them thru a Dutch site;

Thanks for the links @nidster
TPTB dumping Zelensky now, when the first of 2023, he was Times’ Man of The Year!
How quickly a persons’ fortune can turn.

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Oh, Yeah!!! TPTB need to have puppets to do their dirty ‘laundry’. They never need to worry since there are so many useful idiots ready to prostrate themselves and serve their masters in Brussels.

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