AI Generated Picture Wins Art Prize (Colorado State Fair)

Like most technologies, I can see this as a fun way for people like me who think in pictures but can’t draw to create nice “paintings” for our living rooms or for crafters who want to make their own patterns and that sort of thing. But it is disturbing when such “art” starts winning art shows at the State Fair, especially in a category usually used by human painters.

Now I’d have no problems with a category for digital art - notice they are calling it “AI Art” as if the AI is a person “who won” over “humans” (end of article) as opposed to super-computer technology USED by human as a tool to create artforms.

My looms do not create their own weaving (even if they were computerized which mine are not) and my knitting needles do not create sweaters, I have to manipulate them to do that.

Anyway here is the article…


What the world looks like to those hanging around in purgatory wondering why they didn’t go for more walks.