An Evening with Dr. Naomi Wolf


:coffee: Hi . . .she repented of her blindness during Covid and shares openly. Thanks for the post.


Crimes Against Humanity. We need justice.

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She provides a typical case of grooming by the “establishment”. Unfortunately when her higher self kicked in and she realized what was going on she turned on her groomers. Once they realized they’d lost a sheep, her last use was to show others so groomed and rewarded what would happen to them if they too turned on their shepherds or class. She said both family and friends deserted her after speaking up. Sad state of affairs, says much about our national community being addicted to material goods and social positions…


She delivers a great presentation.

Other writers and journalists are pushing back, as well. See the Westminster Declaration:

Yep. I gave up dealing with my sister who worked for the CDC and, when I asked “did you read the insert?” she huffed and reminded me that I was a landscape architect.

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There should be thousands of signatories on the declaration, but my guess is they are caught in the debt trap with mortgages, car payments, school tuitions etc.
Funny how some information was divided up into “misinformation” and “disinformation” instead of calling out as simply propaganda. Used to be a minimum of three sources were required before an article was published and distributed. Just the facts please…including what, how, why, when and who. And a rebuttal was given equal time and resources.
Lowered journalism standards to attract revenue and readers killed the fourth estate and allowed propaganda to proliferate…

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Ouch, what a response from a sibling, especially one who should know how to have a rational dialogue.

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