Pushback on Unconstitutional Censorship

I knew this was coming.
When I was in the military; a snitch’s word was gospel.
If I wanted to get my narrative running hot; all I had to do was let it slip out, within earshot of the snitch.

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Oh, yeah. I taught little kids for a long time, usually batches of 30. All you gotta do is whisper, within earshot of the Town Crier. Start a narrative.
I’m Glinda … the Good Witch of the North …[It’s about that Bad, Bad B clear throat, of the East]
Oz-talk (now roll your R’s)
So . . .Are you a good witch . . .or, a bad witch? (change tone)
Careful! Careful! Horrid-scary laughter
I’ll sic my Flying Monkeys on you . . .my little pretty!

Kid goes nuts, can’t wait to tell ALL. Wha’d she say???

Teacher tip: Be sure to put a word into your narrative, so if it gets back to you, you know who was the bad, bad b____.


Yes. You could even tell the difference between feedbacks, via the snitch’s rank; high up on the food chain, means actionable intelligence - a high value asset, to be spent wisely and frugally.
Oh, and it helps; it no more than one knows the game, being played on “them”.
The whole damn place; is loaded for bear, with snitches!

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More than 70 percent of American voters worry that the U.S. is becoming a police state marked by government tyranny including “mass surveillance, censorship, ideological indoctrination, and targeting of political opponents:"

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A new order in Murthy v. Missouri

The lead applicant was U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, whom critics accuse of participating in government efforts to suppress and censor the free discussion of public health issues such as COVID-19.

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What Bill of Rights? [or, Bill of Afterthoughts - as Dr. Farrell sometimes refers to them as]
Is that’s the guiding question, for the Supreme Court of Denial?

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Released today by Judicial Watch TV
Censored and Controlled
Part 1
The Hearing:

On March 9, 2023, journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified before the U.S. Congress. That hearing set off a political divide in the nation was cut deeply along political lines. However, in the end, Elon Musk unleashed what is known as “The Twitter Files” and suddenly Americans realized that their connotational right of Free Speech was being ripped from the fabric of Republic.

The Democrats are revealing themselves for what they’ve always been.
For example, free speech is not in their best interests.
In fact, The Bill of Rights is a problem for them, at best.

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The implications of governmental censorship upon the health of all Americans – irrespective of political parties – are well catalogued in Pushback. Those who testified in this hearing happened to be Democrats.

Writers and journalists unite against global censorship which strips us of freedom of speech:

With thanks fo Matt over at Racket News.

The Westminster Declaration:

Mike Benz explains his thoughts on Twitter. 8 minute video.

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11-13-23: UNESCO Report

Still more worldwide regulations upon freedom of expression?

Apparently disconcerted about the size of the pro-Palestine protests all across the world, globalists plan to use UNESCO to control social media networking.

UNESCO’s Director General unveils a “multi-stakeholder” plan to “safeguard” social media platforms from “dis- and misinformation, hate speech, and conspiracy theories” for the “common good:”

Full Text of their Guidance for the Governance of Digital Platforms:


Tomorrow, November 17, 2023:

The first of many public discussions/town halls on censorship, to be held tomorrow night at Bard College.
With thanks to Matt Taibi over at Racket.news.

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November 28, 2023

With thanks to Syracuse Professor Lynn Greenky.

Supreme Court will possibly grant First Amendment protections to social media posts.

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Matt Taibbi’s upcoming Censorship Town Hall

Hey, Haters: Come to Argue about Free Speech and Censorship in Park Slope This Thursday, December 7th

With the help of a patient and enterprising Racket reader, we’ve set up a town hall discussion on censorship for this Thursday night in Brooklyn. Haters, come and let me have it. Bring every reason you think the digital censorship subject is a dumb right-wing fantasy, and you can air every one.

I made the mistake in the first speeches I prepared on this subject of being too polite and not planning on challenging the audience. This time I want it to be heated, and if you want to go to unfriendly, that’s fine with me. As this event is being held at the Montauk Club in Park Slope, the beating heart of the MSNBC viewer base, I know you’re out there. Bring your smart glasses and Maddow foam fingers, and let’s get it on.

In between the fighting parts, there will a presentation on censorship-by-proxy and how it traces back to the War on Terror years, when so many Democrats opposed this behavior. If you’re one of those, you can tell me what’s unconvincing about this history, because I still don’t understand the Brooklynite reaction on this topic. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, one of us is lying. Let’s find out who.

See You Thursday.


Conservative news agencies follow the liberal anti-establishment Consortium News and file lawsuits themselves. As Consortium News alleged that the Pentagon funded Newsguard to censor its critics, the Federalist/Daily Wire action now alleges that the State Department sponsored Newsguard and the U.K.-based Global Disinformation Index as “censorship enterprises” targeting domestic speech, in direct violation of its charter:

Podcast & Transcript
It’s not a lawful protest, it’s insurrection! Cancelling democracy to save it? Matt Taibbi breaks down the mind-screw . . .

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Pushback on Censorship: London Included!

With thanks to Kit Klarenberg over at The Greyzone

9 to 0 supreme Court decision, the government can be sued.

Check out the word “person”, words are known by the company they keep, these are all creatures of the state.

Here’s another judgement against the vax. and mask mandates for a mere 275k