Hill Pressclips: Next Stop Genocide

The sleep of reason brings forth monsters. Francisco Goya

October 15, 2023
11:36 PM Pacific

After an eyeglazing weekend of reading, prayer, and screaming in my soul, here are two related pieces by Chris Hedges:


11:21 PM Pacific

The Power of Unverified Stories

Mind Control 101: Flood us, Numb us, infuse a quality of Inevitability, then induce Inefficacy.

Example A
A purported local nurse was brought before Congress, where she testified that Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein’s men had ripped hundreds of Kuwaiti babies from their incubators and left them to die.

The story helped whip the American public up into a pro-war frenzy. It was later revealed that it was a total hoax dreamt up by a P. R. firm.

Example B

Example C


4:40 PM Pacific

GAZA HAS GAS, yes, but far more important: GAZA HAS KIDS – half of its population, indeed
–and 1000 have been killed to date.

I am not a fan of the “follow the money” cliche, either. Follow the Lord, and Him only. You cannot serve two masters – you cannot serve both God and Mammon. The Lord leads us to the innocent, the least of the brethren, whom we are called to serve.

For me, there is room for only one God in this situation, and it is not the Israel given to the world by Lord Rothschild. For me, he is not Lord at all, and his fruits are not peace. The fruits of the Lord God are peace – and for that I pray upon these lands and all of us at Giza,


October 17, 2023
10:41 PM Pacific
There’s been a lot of talk about Scofield, the notion of Dispensations, and their effects on American Christian Zionism. Seems pertinent at this hour…


Regarding hair-trigger disinformation/inflammatory reportage: Is the objective to discern free pathways to truth? Or, to start and to spread yet another fire, in support of one own hubris --to the exclusion of others who are entitled to their worldviews and searches?

Email today from Matt Taibbi:

After the just-published New York Times story, several commenters have pointed out that despite subsequent reports to the contrary, it’s not known absolutely for certain what happened at the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City. There are still claims out there that it was indeed an Israeli attack, or could have been. This is why you’re seeing officials like Ilhan Omar call for a “fully independent investigation” into what happened.

Ultimately, that’s irrelevant. If the Times wasn’t planning on sticking by its sources, its only option was to print a blame-neutral headline. They didn’t, and now they’re in worst-case scenario land, issuing a high profile OOPS in a maelstrom of criticism. Whether they got it wrong the first time or succumbed to pressure later, they made a mess that could have been avoided by playing it safe.

Newspapers in recent years have moved away from the “He said, she said” rhetorical method critics now tell them is out of date in the moral clarity era. In situations where you reallly aren’t sure of facts, however, it’s the only way to go, and outlets are paying the price for moving away from the format.


Daria Saburova over at Open Democracy weighs in:

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PsyOps via religion as force multipliers, Jeffrey Prather weighs in:


I believe the new house speaker fits the genocide bill.
DrAliciaHill, is this solely for your pressclips or can I post here also? If not, I will delete.
In order to regain order after promoting so much nuttery, are the Powers To Be swinging the pendulum? I believe so, it won’t relieve sufforing for the little guy since the agenda is the same. Am curious of Walter’s new book.

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Hi neru, here are my preferences:
Thank you for annotating your clips in a sentence or two, so one knows what’s offered, and how it is relevant, before one chooses to invest time. Welcome the tension of juxtaposed and countervailing perspectives here. This is meta-analytical, so avoid flooding real time MSM hot headlines.

Regarding these two posts you offer:
A. I agree that the narrative touted by the new Speaker is unenlightened in a perilous way; B. Walter’s take usually adds space to gridlocking conceptions, imo.
C.:coffee::coffee: you have been a trusted discussion partner for years and it’s always a pleasure to see you. Alicia

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2:21 PM Pacific

Stop Genocide: Roundup of US protests with Mike Ludwig over at Truthout:

Further evidence of US Activism intensifying from Michael Arria over at Mondoweiss:

October 29, 2023, Article at Scheerpost:


There never was and never will be strength in numbers. I think now I understand what mathematicians like Leibniz and Descartes meant. Philosophy of nature. Or knowledge of nature without any use of numbers. No enumeration.The Doctor was intuitively right in this sense.

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A primer on how to use statistics to deceive:


October 29, 2023
1:08 P.M. Pacific
There are no heroes in this conflict, only victims.

Hindustan Times:
Saudi Prince and former intelligence chief, Turki Al-Faisal blasts both Hamas and Israel for attacks on civilians. In a speech at a U.S. university, Al-Faisal called on Palestinians to shun the violent resistance and adopt peaceful means of resistance like India did during British occupation of the country.


October 29, 2023
1:37 P.M. Pacfic

The Hannibal Directive: A key piece of context missing from mainstream corporate media reporting on October 7th.

With thanks to Mnar Adley over at Behind the Headlines:

Further evidence of the Hannibal Directive, from Max Blumenthal, reporting over at
The Grayzone:


Genocide-speak? The Language of Genocide sounds familiar to my ears as that of South African Apartheid (read kaffirs).

Ramzy Baroud weighs in over at Common Dreams:


October 29, 2023, Article at Scheerpost:

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Sad part is that the whole world is drunk on “exceptionalism” . Never have known Israel conform to UN Human Rights, ever! Israel seems to express itself on old covenants, not laws. I see the US and the EU doing the same, ditching laws and adopting an elitist religion for the 1%.

The BRICS is doing the same, all that WEF nonsens is adopted 100% just not under the umbrella of a one world order. All peoples using derogatory language and stanses don’t understand that they themselves are nothing but cattle to that elitist1%.

“Exceptionalism” is a powerful carrot that has worked miracles for the 1%. Would be silly not to use in the war of all against all! If people can’t wake up, many more “socalled” sub-human groups will perish. I fear this is just the beginning!


re: Who bombed the Gaza Hospital
Someone who recently woke up!

A few additiional thoughts:
(1) This the story of David vs Goliath!
(2) All congressmen should reveal dual citizenships.


October 29, 2023
9:41 P.M. Pacific
I have known this for half of my life. Genocide lies at the core of Western domination. I have no recourse but to pushback with my prayers, write, teach, counsel – and be a chaplain to some. And never let the Dragon take a sinful piece of me, my love, or my capacity to serve as one of many who belong to the Body of the Broken, the Beloved Victor who shed the Purity of His Blood in Divine Love for us all.


7:24 P.M. Pacific
During my reading travels for background today, I discovered this relevant report, updated on June 20, 2023.

AFI researchers found historical connections between Pfizer CEO and Palestine:


October 31, 2023

With thanks to Dwayne Booth @ Dwayne Booth | Annenberg

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