Hill Pressclips: Next Stop Genocide

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Here are three articles offering: (1) a long view of intelligence failures that allowed Hamas to stage its brutal attack; (2) An assessment of journalistic malpractice on press coverage of the war; and (3) Factors shaping Egypt’s response to the war.

1. Why Israel Slept
The long catalogue of intelligence failures that allowed Hamas to stage its brutal surprise attack on October 7 begins at The Venetian, Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas resort:

2. Based in Nazareth, Jonathan Cook weighs in on journalistic malpractice in the MSM war coverage to date:

3. Three Factors Shaping Egypt’s Response to the War in Gaza
Since the Hamas-Israel war broke out in Palestine on 7 October, Egypt has been in the international news as one of the historically key actors on Gaza and the only Arab country
bordering the Strip:

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Interview & Transcript
Palestine’s Obituary
Robert Scheer interviews a leading expert on the Middle East, Juan Ricardo Cole. Cole is public intellectual, prominent blogger and essayist, and the Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan.

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With thanks to antimason. Given your post, I wonder about the level of pushback and protests in France and Britain, and generally outside of the US. I have been keeping track of some of them here. What do you see from your perch?

November 5, 2023
As I witness the elites twist, wrestle, and kick heads with the power-ball of their latest “Problem” in order to garner international support for the bloodshed of innocents, they make it ever so clear, obvious, and disgraceful how they have distinctly remembered to forget the one vital thing that matters: The People.

Thanks to Ahmed over at the Nation for bringing still more light . . .

Ahmed Nehad exposes the multiple duplicities of global stakeholders – the longstanding and worldwide complicity in the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza:


November 5, 2023
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Bad Moon Rising by Mr. Fish and Chris Hedges weighs in , , ,

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November 5, 2023
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During Apartheid in South Africa, the UN remained committed to its focus on Human Rights. Not
so for the Human Rights of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Senior UN Human Rights official Craig Mokhiber talks about how and why he quit the UN on October 20th over the organization’s failure to address the brutal genocide in Gaza in this interview with Peoples Dispatch.


What if you committed 30+ years of your life to international law for human rights and realized the real power to make a difference was in political appointees who were there to essentially “manage” the bogus attempt of protecting human rights and experienced little progress? The 75 years of a commitment of the UN to protect human allowed millions of deaths and displacement of people. Well with depopulation the goal it all makes sense.
He mentions many times he was called on the carpet when he tried to do his job and was taken to task.
After awhile to save one’s sanity you tell them to take this job and shove it you know where, making as big of ruckus as possible on the way out the door.
No doubt we’ll now see him on the podcast circuit…


@DrAliciaHill I’ve intentionally refrained from commenting much on the Israel-Hamas War posts here as I am still struggling to connect dots (both historical and real-time) and obtain a confident understanding of things, and if necessary, adjust my worldview accordingly. My two points below don’t interfere with this “backseat ride” of gaining knowledge and wisdom.

Point-1: I agree completely your statement above regarding “The People” but would have written it as “the Palestinian and Jewish people”. In other words, the common civilians caught in the latest installment of this long Mideast war, much like the Ukrainian and Russian people caught in their circumstances.

Point-2: If I understand this statement correctly, I disagree with what it implies.
It conveys a belief that for at least one time, or perhaps in an earlier period, the UN was sincerely concerned about human rights, but now that is no longer the case in Gaza. Is that a correct understanding?

The statement seems not only to introduce the article but bolster the subject’s reason for departing the organization (UN) over its response to Gaza through comparison. When has the UN been truly benevolent toward any people group? My answer is–never.

It (UN) is the modern pinnacle of all that the interrelated and interconnected men and organizations (described in the article you posted last week #19 above) have conspired to achieve over many centuries. It deserves no accolades for helping mankind, even by indirect comparison.


Yes the UN seems to be the “clubhouse” where various groups, sponsored by and directed by the behind the scene players which could be organic and inorganic, to address the worldly question of “What is to be done?”, usually to no avail or to squash dialogue for as yet mostly undisclosed reasons. After all the property the land the building is on was a Pocketfellow gift who expressed his admiration of totalitarianism in China. “Beware of those bearing gifts.”

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“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”


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Three Pushback Reports – California, Washington, D.C., and Israel

The Protesters in Oakland:

Israelis Against Aparetheid Demand ICC Action Against the Escalating Genocide in Gaza:

The March in D.C.

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Hi – I don’t think you know me, but just to fill you in . . . I do not personally ascribe to a monolithic view of human power, nor take my warning cues from Nietzche, nor am I a big fan of Kubrick who hijacked a hymn.

Hi sharick – Thank you for your thoughts – glad you are here. I believe that we substantially agree. Tailoring the details, however, is important. The topic of the U.N. unmasked is considerably large. There is a body of work, I’ll try to share some of it when I can. The distinctions need to be made among: the international law base vs. the political leadership; the history of the history, who writes it, and the folks in the U.N. and on the ground who know, see, and serve people. Israeli exceptionalism has not been openly grappled with, and, for me, the interviewee speaks eloquently from a career’s worth of dot connecting within the U.N., along with his earnest participation with countless colleagues in human rights portfolios. He knows The People (as you are rightfully clear to be inclusive) and he also knows that there are People in the United Nations who are going crazy trying to work within it.

Okay, doc. I will stick with the fellas.

Lol, No you won’t. Park the jet fighter outside with the guys and bring your musical instruments and thoughts in here, so we can play and compose and improvise. A lot of guys do fraternize, although some rather secretly. :wink:

Interview-Conversation with Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel

Video blurb:
“While Netanyahu proclaims a Biblical right to raze Gaza, The Cartel Babylon Banksters run the global perception deception from the City of London in the attempt to kick off WW3 and consolidate planetary control of humanity. The Cartel Babylon series is back!
Analysis and discussion with Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel! We, the People, are Awake to their satanic plan and are uniting in prayer and Godly Intention to turn away from and defeat the satanic globalists!”

[To skip past technical preliminaries, the interview starts at 1:17.]

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@DrAliciaHill (post #32) Thank you for the additional thoughts and insight. Your posts are always gracious and articulate, attributes of which I admire and appreciate.

I liken your point to the good teachers and administrators in public education who work incessantly to help children and families while facing daily opposition and hostility from unions, staff, some families and now even some students.

I think we agree in general about exceptions in nearly every organization, to wit, there are even Arabs in Gaza who don’t want Hamas governing them nor terrorizing anyone. But knowing how the UN was created, who has led it, which situations it chooses to “help” and help not, its abysmal track record and history, and the current plans it is unleashing on humanity, well… the exceptions within the body are so small and ineffectual that I am quite comfortable in using a big bucket and broad brush to paint the UN as evil.


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The Mask Has Fallen: King Charles Supports Israel
Kit Klarenberg, investigative reporter at MintPress News, steps us through the changes in the Royal Family’s jettisoning of pretences of political neutrality . . .

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Chris Hedges, and Mr. Fish weigh in:


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What does international law say about Israel’s right to self-defence? Ian Sinclair talks with legal expert Marjorie Cohn.

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