Hill Pressclips: Next Stop Genocide

Thank you sharick, understood about the broad brush. For me, the distinctions do remain. With a tiny brush, I do offer my testimony, firsthand, that the Official United Nations and United States Government Sanctions Against Apartheid in South Africa were keys in the peaceful dismantling of the unlawful practices in the region, and of deep meaning to The People I knew whose families were reunited and, at long last, able to live together.

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It would seem that, metaphysically at least, that some Israeli’s don’t seem to have managed to escape that demonic spirit that created and ran concentration camps. Perhaps that communal trauma was too damaging to overcome, and Israel is in danger of becoming “the abyss”. Being from another place and experience of intercommunal conflict, killing or depopulating the homes and places of the other, under any circumstances of war, only serves to create visceral and intergenerational hatred which forms the future cycles of violence. There appears to be no role for empathy or compassion in either direction. Yet at some point, someone(s) will need to go there, to some degree, in order to halt and reverse continual devastation and to exorcise the demons of history from their respective psyches. If such were done in collaboration, supporting each other across the divide, a peace, internal first, and communally thereafter, may be possible. But that wont be won in a top-down manner, but by those who live closest to each other and who are most at risk. regardless of the politics.


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London Pushback: March for Palestine

Jake Johnson over at Common Dreams reports:


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The irony of trying to ban an Armistice Day protest against killing humans escapes me.




  1. A temporary cessation of fighting by mutual consent; a truce.
  2. A temporary suspension of hostilities by convention or agreement of the parties; a truce.
  3. A cessation of arms for a short time, by convention; a temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement; a truce.
    Similar: truce

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition • More at Wordnik

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Doctors and Nurses Plead for Cease Fire

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Doctors Without Borders surgeon: "No one hears us:"

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Two pieces on the topic of complicity in genocide: A Hall of Shame, and Mr. Fish’s Latest Shock of Insight

A piece from Vicki Thomas over at Declassified UK on the Hall of Shame – over 500 MP’s back Israel’s bombing of Gaza. Only 96 MP’s in Westminister supported the ceasefire, as of November 9, 2023:

Mr. Fish:


A death cult for sure…


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A Truckload of Bodies . . .

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Northern District of California
President Biden sued for failure to prevent Genocide:

Thanks to Brett Wilkins over at Common Dreams.

Text of the lawsuit:

Thanks to the Center for Constitutional Rights.

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November 14, 2023
4:58 PM Pacific

Two video reports from the ground: (1) Bisan, age 25, a journalist in northern Gaza who broadcasts every day despite internet and electricity blackouts; and (2) Footage from a UN school sheltering refugees in Jabalia.

Bisan is living through an active genocide. When she was told by the Israelis to leave northern Gaza, she refused. She stayed:

An Israeli air strike on displaced Palestinians at the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza reportedly killed at least 15 people and injured dozens more, according to a doctor at al-Shifa Hospital:

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Summary report from the Mondoweiss vantage. With thanks to author Mustafa Abu Sneineh.

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With thanks to Bill.

November 15, 2023
8:33 PM Pacific

Four pieces today:
(1) Summary report on Day 40 from a Mondoweiss vantage, with thanks to Mustafa Abu Snneineh.

(2) Columbia University students pushback against crackdown on Palestine activism, demand disinvestment from Israel, with thanks to Michael Arria.

(3) A love letter to students speaking up for Palestine from Zehra Imam, a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School and a Muslim Chaplain-Intern at MIT.

(4) Over 400 of Biden’s officials demand a ceasefire in Gaza. With thanks to Sharon Zhang over at Truthout.

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November 16, 2023
7:30 PM Pacific

Three pieces today:

(1) Teacher Pushback: 1200+ “Educators for Palestine” demand ceasefire, called for an end to the Israeli occupation, and condemn recent suppression of dissent by universities.

With thanks to Chris Walker over at Truthout.

(2) Poll Results: Majority of Americans support ceasefire in Gaza.

With thanks to Dave DeCamp over at at Antiwar.com.

(3) Biden refuses to supply proof of Hamas base under Gaza’s biggest hospital. Neither Israel nor the U.S. have put forth concrete evidence that Hamas set up its headquarters under al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest medical facility.

With thanks to Jake Johnson over at Common Dreams.

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“No more ghoulish euphemisms. No more verbally sanitized hellscapes. No more warmongering lies.”

Ann Boyer pushes back: Her articulate resignation letter to the NYT in protest of the US-backed war against of the people of Gaza:


November 4, 2023

Chas Freeman, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense:
This Is Not a War, but a Mass Murder Tragedy

With thanks to Dialogue Works.

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Unsubstantiated assertions inundating the media regarding Hamas using Al-Shifa hospital as a military headquarters is reminiscent of the intelligence deceptions which led up to the US invasion of Iraq.

With thanks to Max Jones at Scheerpost.

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Dr. Mona El-Farra pushes back . . .

The repeating Israeli airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza are beyond her comprehension. For at least 10 of the last 40 days, missiles have rained down on the most densely populated refugee camp in all of Gaza:

With thanks to Counterpunch.

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Washington, once again, again appears to rely on doubtful propaganda rather than independent analysis.

With thanks to Wyatt Reed over at Grayzone.

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Chris Hedges and Max Blumenthal discuss what occured on October 7:

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