Pushback against mandated insanity: Volume II

We’ll see what the next election brings. A federal by-election was held within the last year and ‘mail in’ ballots were permitted for the first time. This ‘trial run’ passed with flying colors. Another step towards voting via the internet is my guess.


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Arcivescovo Carlo Maria Viganò summarizes his pushback on medical cannibalism:


From vaccines that kill to cough syrup that kills. The pharmaceutical industry just won’t stop.

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Thanks, bluenose. The officialdom of Canada “updates” their narrative:

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Historical connections between Pfizer pharmacide and the genocide in Palestine:

October 28, 2023
Video Interview

Health Canada admitted that the Pfizer Covid vaccine contained as an active ingredient the DNA sequence of SV-40. SV-40 is the Simian Virus that was the fortieth monkey virus that had been identified in the 1960s.

The DNA sequence can get into cells all over the human body via the delivery system of lipid nanoparticle technology. Pfizer apparently omitted this reference from the documents they gave to health authorities.

Natali Morris over at Redacted interviews Steve Kirsch of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation who discusses these technicalities, along with the prospects of class action pushback on big pharma through litigation:

Steve’s substack can be found here:

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October 31, 2023
Frontline News

Dr. Peter Hotez, Baylor College of Medicine, was also honored with the ‘Anthony Fauci Courage in Leadership Award’:

The medical industry, including academia, is a mighty big business in Houston and is a major employer.
“Don’t mess with the hand that feeds you,” and by all means support it, especially if in politics and need donations.

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Here is how state AGs, private employers, and hospitals conspired against the American people to rob them of their Equal Protection and Due Process rights guaranteed under the 14th Amendment. You’re not ready for this!

(1) The federal government purchased all COVID-19 drugs whether they were licensed or under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

(2) The CDC created the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Providers Agreement for the express purpose of distributing the federal property.

(3) YOUR STATE had to agree to allow the CDC to use its existing immunization program to distribute federal COVID-19 drugs, biologics, and device property.

(4) The state required hospitals to be authorized by them first, the CDC second, and to abide by all federal and state laws. The state at this moment owed you 14th Amendment Constitutional obligations. They were required by law to treat those who accepted the product in the same manner as those who refused. Moreover, if a person was deprived of their liberty or property for choosing one of the two legally protected options, then due process was the mechanism by which that deprivation occurred. The hospital acted on behalf of your state government to distribute the federal government’s property. The hospital was, therefore, a state actor owing you the same constitutional obligations as the State.

(5) The hospital signed the CDC Contract but turned around and created a mandate in defiance of 12(a) of that contract. The State’s HHS director (or equivalent) knew the mandate violated the contract and also the state’s Federal Wide Assurance agreement whereby the State promised HHS that it would never allow a person to come under a sanction for refusing to participate in a 21 CFR 312.3 investigational clinical drug such as Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID-19 EUA drug.

(6) The State AG knew that 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3 option to accept or refuse was under the Supremacy Clause, and no private employer had lawful authority to interfere with a person’s option by using the state’s at-will employment doctrine as the means to interfere.

(7) The State HHS Director, hospital CEO, and state AG all remained silent in hopes that all of you were too stupid to know your legal rights and would submit to modern tyranny without disputing their abuse of powers.

(8) The Hospital committed fraud if they billed the US Govt for employee shots. The hospital and or private employer misrepresented their authority when issuing the mandate because the Supremacy Clause and express language of the PREP Act denied them the right to create mandatory conditions. 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3(l) even informed the State AG that not even the HHS Sec can mandate participation. He is the ONLY Person authorized to establish conditions for access to the unlicensed medical product.

(9) The State AG engaged in a dereliction of duty by not protecting your equal protection rights and denying you due process when you were precluded from selling your labors in the marketplace for exercising a legal right conferred upon you by a valid act of Congress (the option to refuse).

(10) The state HHS director should be under criminal prosecution along with the hospital CEO and CMO for violating a signed contract with the CDC, leading to severe physical and financial injuries and deprivations of Constitutional rights. Yet, your state AG, like Jeff Landry of Louisiana, had the gall to tell people there was nothing he could do when he could have always protected 100% of his state citizens. The same scenario applies to all 50 US States and Territories and their Attorneys General.

NO PERSON can be required to inject an unlicensed drug into their body as a condition to enjoy a privilege of the State or a benefit to which they were otherwise entitled. NO Constitution, statute, treaty, or regulation can refute such a statement. Now you know why state AGs are remaining silent for fear of losing their political careers over protecting your rights.


November 6, 2023

According to a recent study published in the journal Vaccines, nearly one third of COVID-19 Vaccine recipients suffered neurological side effects: headaches, tremors, muscle spasms, insomnia, sleepiness, vertigo, and difficulty in concentration.

Another dog and pony show, but it’s interesting to watch a former judge and Attorney General get grilled and avoid every single question posed to him, yet reveal what we most all here really no. One will become the speaker of the house. Interesting

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Video & Article
Dr. Mercola shares this controversial video taken down from sites almost as fast as people could upload it. Censored from YouTube, it goes to the heart of the U.S. government’s COVID-19 pandemic response team. Highly relevant to what is occurring now:

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(Most here will find the article title a rhetorical question.)

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I suppose a conflict of interest would occur if a private government partnership with Pfizer shared their employees covering adverse effects with the CDC?

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As a senior manufacturing engineer employed at three bio-pharm companies (two very large ones, one start-up) over a 20-yr period, part of my annual required training was on reporting instances of adverse reactions to our products. If anyone we knew (home, neighbors, communities, online, etc.) that mentioned an adverse reaction to something our company made (not just from our site), even over the counter stuff, we were required to report through our internal customer complaint system. Given the consistency of practice, it might have been mandated by the FDA, but I am not sure.

I also don’t know if that information is public, but the database of defect and customer complaint data certainly gets reviewed during regulating agency audits.

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Journalist Pushback:
Reporter Arrested at East Palestine Train Derailment Press Conference Sues Police

With thanks to Kevin Gosztola over at The Dissenter:


Still have to wear masks, etc., etc.?
Non Sequitur?

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