Gifs, Memes and Moderation

Here is last post saying goodbye in July:

July? It’s now October, B! I guess I lost track of him myself, but I figured he has many Giza friends. Is there’s anything I can do? There’s a lot I don’t know. Thanks for the update, B. I’m sorry for what happened with Cool, too, a great addition to the site. There’s a lot of talent leaving, apparently, according to neru and other friends. Let’s reflect ourselves, send light to those who are away, and let God weigh in. :candle: :candle:Alicia

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I suppose most of us are here to shed cobwebs of ignorance. But while for some “flagging and using sites digital properties” is seen as mere structuring and regulating to be more coherent in form, others might experience it different. Not all of us forumites live in peaceful places, some of us live at flashpoints where regulary pogroms occur with all the baggage that comes with.

Sadly, while all pogroms are sanctioned only a handfull are recognized and permitted to be talked about. Most pogroms don’t make it into the history books or are at best footnotes. The sorrow that comes forth due to it is real and painfull and doubly so when it is not recognized as even taking place. Maybe flagging is sincere felt by others as censoring.

Just something to ponder.

Well you could try to talk to him, I guess he is still here and reads some posts.

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I don’t think that was the case for Cool Hand, he was inviting more flags before he left referencing the fact that he was a paying subscriber as if this would mean people can flag everything he posts and that would mean nothing.

Not to say there is not sorrow and grief that cannot be understood from a different country, and for some the word “flagged” might immediately mean someone is trying to censor them.

I wasn’t referring to CoolHandLuke, but he did post a worthwhile documentary and maybe just maybe you should take note!

Another good docu from a different perspective;

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This is a privately owned website. The owners can make whatever rules they want and change them whenever they like. Paying a monthly membership fee gives one the privilege of full access to everything the website offers except shares in the ownership of the website.


BINGO! @bluenose
Yes Sir!

People are doing that anyway, so sensor, plaque and ask for removals all you want!

@neru “People are doing that anyway, so sensor, plaque and ask for removals all you want!”

Doing what anyway? You didn’t say.


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This seems appropriate… The Gentleperson’s Guide to Forum Spies | Ronald Thomas West


That is key, Giza isn’t a member-owned co-op.


Man that’s a lot of info to stuff in my head and remember. Better solution, stay away from Forums, except this one of course.


That is some interesting and confusing reading there.

Seems to be about old school forums, there are counters to some of those problems with the newer platform this forum uses. Can be really confusing but main benefit is it can be customized.

With the forum being flooded by a lot of random new topics, people can choose to make those disappear if they set someone to be muted/ignored, so not censored to anyone else it is just for individual choice to be able to ignore someone or spam bots.

Had posted this script for that, I don’t understand how this works but it looks fairly simple:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="1.6.0">

const { alias } = require("@ember/object/computed");

api.modifyClass("component:topic-list-item", {
    pluginId: "remove-ignored-users-topic",
    attributeBindings: ["data-topic-id", "role", "ariaLevel:aria-level", "data-creator-name"],
    "data-creator-name": alias("topic.creator.username"),

const s = document.createElement("style");
for (const u of api.getCurrentUser()?.ignored_users) {
    s.innerHTML += `tr.topic-list-item[data-creator-name="${u}"] { display: none; }`;



Thanks, B. Just to support your script :arrow_up: a tiny bit further, I got a back-up tankerload on order, coming into San Pedro: :wink:


Hi, D … Yes, and consider the ethical, legal, and moral implications of the lack of open disclosure and informed participant consent in trolling experimenters and disguised profiteers who enlist the unwary to perpetuate the very prison dilemmas they purport to inform us about – along with the illusions from which they, “the good actors,” presume to divest us. This dilemma dates back from before Zimbardo’s first student prison studies at Stanford.

I shared some more of my thoughts with soupcommie today. There’s a way to think about these matters and keep one’s soul. Thanks for your cartoon. Alicia