Thanx for all! and good bye!

thanx for all folks!
due to my ‘conduct’ and to nefarious workings, my account has been marked as a spammer and i cannot attend the vidchat. so i got an administrative cancellation from the members area as a Gizar. i did net even got an email on this matter(…), just tried to join today’s vidchat and found out ‘reality’. guess i do not get my money repaid according to whatever laws and rules.
this last two years was fun. i won’t comment any further on anything and will not chew myself through the ‘support’ procedure to crawl back, or make another account under another name as some did and made this mess around me (ebmason/thebeaver to name names and clear the situ. hope she is happy with it :blush:).
i find the whole procedure hypocritical and am deeply in sorrow for those who fear me.
thanx again and God bless you all!


There may be a glitch in the system.

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he must enter as a guest. that was always so. no glitch there.

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Ok, I’m not a vid chat member so I don’t know. It was nice to meet you though.

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I wish good fortune for you in the years ahead!