Gifs, Memes and Moderation

I don’t know if you’ve had a think about the likelihood of memes, gifs and images posted to the site. The new forum allows one to upload anything you can get your hands on. This is a double edged sword, and I wonder what the policy will be to sort out the inevitable meme wars and less salubrious forms of imagery it will attract.

Is there a policy in the works for that kind of thing?
Are we looking at active moderation?
What will be the guiding principle?
Is there going to be an arbitration facility?
Does the metascore include strikes and all that stuff?

So now 5 sec later after conducting professional 2cent personal character assassins and high level apologetical fanboy knowitallism as an defense for the forums CCP social fostering profiling are suddenly “concerned” about the forums CCP social fostering profiling?! :rofl: :crazy_face:

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We did a call for moderators back when we had trouble with trolls/spammers, and no one stepped up. We even invited a couple people and ran into the ‘I’m not sure if I’m qualified. What’s the workload? Will you tell me when to moderate?’ kind of thing, which is counter to the point of having moderators keep an eye on things (self-sufficiency, sense of propriety). Effectively, a moderator has to know when to be tolerant and what’s harmful without regard to their own views on the content, to know when to use a light hand or a firm one, and to be someone seasoned enough with the community that they both have its respect apart from their ideas (agreement isn’t respect) and a sense of where the community breaks down. That’s a bit of an order (as in tall order). On top of this, they need to pretty much read most things, so that means reading quickly with accuracy.

On top of this, a moderator’s own behavior has to be stellar, and they have to be supporters of the ecosystem we’ve developed. If they’re continually stirring confusion for instance, they aren’t really moderators in the making. Moderators are ensuring the continuity of the community and it’s growth. That also means a degree of tolerance. A short way of putting it, is a moderator requires the skills of a great parent, neither helicopter nor ‘kick your arse’ if you look at me crosseyed or don’t do things our way.

In the absence of moderators, we have more of a fix it when it breaks approach, on the Support side, including when someone breaks the system by posting garbage, and an idiosyncratic approach in the form of Dr. Farrell having to make judgement calls on a case by case. Moderators are probably a good idea as the forum reaches over 1000 participants, but we have to make sure moderators meet all those criteria AND are interested. Until we get those nominations and see those behaviors borne out, we don’t have them.


Separately, as to your question about images and memes. I believe we have the meme feature off. It’s been tested and didn’t pass.

As to images, our main concern is intellectual property. We have a Terms of Service in place that assigns responsibility to protect property to the person uploading the image. If they steal the image or the image infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others, the user is in violation of the TOS and liable. To that end, we have a DMCA policy, just like any sound forum that doesn’t want to personally accept responsibility 1 second after a user posts an image that violates the rights of others. The DMCA allows people to report stolen images and request a takedown. Our policy is to remove images that infringe on the copyright of others and to punish the behavior through top-level moderation (at the Support level).

As to images being ‘inappropriate’, we handle it the same way we did in the old community. The users are self-policed, mainly. There’s a flag feature on posts. If enough users flag the post it goes into moderation and we’ll review it. If it’s a nonsense, we hit delete.


I posted a gif to the members part of the forum from local storage. That’s as good as open season on image content.

You do you realize you asking for a unreasonable fairy-tales-wish for the moderators characters
besides by piling up such character request list will undoubtedly corrupt the moderation from the
get go which is likely part of why noone wanted to step up. I have been on the web and actually
been a moderator a couple of times , since early 90ies and have newer ever seen any moderator
that matches your description. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

However i hereby declare i apply for the role as a moderator!..I will be absolutely ruthless…based on your and Dr Farrells manuscript for a modest fee of course, after all you folks trying drive a private business here and thats the point.

Anyhow, “properly” conducted moderation does not need any “uber mench stellar type” merely a basic
operation protocol and its operation dont need any constant CCP monitoring on what people writes, moreover it prevents moderator corruption. But perhaps im just to old fashioned and should just die out in this New Brave World mentality of CCP social profiling gobblegook!

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Why not just keep things simple and see how it all progresses? Things are all new and confusing now. Later it might look different, who knows?

If your built in moderator isn’t functioning, using someone else as a substitute obviously means more work is needed on personality development.

What are we the meme police now? I had this grand idea of becoming a meme master on these boards and carving out a nitch for myself!

In all seriousness, memes can actually be quite funny, insightful and dare I say even profound if used with the right amount of intellect and sense of humor.

This is why the left is so terrible at them.

I tend to lean towards less censorship than more and take the good with the bad. (Obviously explicit material excluded)


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I took my face of Stan Laurel down and put up the automagic lime green ‘C’ you provided. I read in support about the need to avoid anything illegal and I looked up my Stan Face and I was in violation, so I removed it. Lack of character will suffice for following the law. It simply is the right thing to do.

Love the Laurel & Hardy classics.

[might not take, Chinese keyboard
My icon was a wannabe Foghorn Leghorn]

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Yeah, it didn’t work, but the thought is solid A. True comedy without the scatological crutches.